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    Well the new shops done machinery moved around and the shops still too small. Anyway i now need a retaining wall behind it cause all the grounds washing into the backyard. Any tips ideas or good ways to building a easy to build retaining wall. The ground has a bit of slope on both sides so to calculate brick purchase could for me be a dauntiung affair. Thanx

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    I would guess the "easiest" wall would be formed and poured. Any foundation/construction contractor should be able to form and pour a retaining wall if you do not want to do it yourself. Probably not as "astheticaly pleasing" as a block retaining wall. They do make decorative block for just such a use, can't recall the "trade name" at the moment.
    Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.


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      Do a google for Keystone retaining wall. If not too high, it won't require any geogrid, etc. Should be able to get it at the local Lowe's or Home Depot, or building/masonry supply.
      Lynn S.


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        Hullo Madman,
        I guess it all depends on how much you want to spend but for a cheapy consider this.
        The water,soil,mud and gravel came from somewhere and is going somewhere. you build a wall and you stop it in its tracks and builds up and bingo you got another problem.
        Get some sandbags and 3/4 fill them with soil,lay them out along the line of your proposed wall and try to direct the flow to a suitable dispersal area.
        Once you have observed the flow and adjusted the lie of the sandbags to assist it,cover the sandbags with good quality soil and some grass seed. See that all your slopes are gentle and you can mow it in the spring.
        This may not suit but its worth a try.


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          i saw a wall built with tires...they layed them flat.....staggered the layers.kinna like brick....stepped them back to follow the slope & filled them with dirt to hold them together.

          then they planted stuff in the dirt....looked kinna cool !!!

          cheap & a good way to recycle tires.


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            Problem wit the tire walls possums and skunks love to live in the tires. Also groundhogs. Next thing you know the kids are playing with a funny looking cat with a white stripe down its back and then you gotta put them in the garden shed till the smell wears off. Then neighbours complain cause theres kids in the garden shed family services comes over. Lots of trouble cause of a wall built from old tires although the idea has merit. Thanx for all the tips. Im gonna start picking up one stone a night from the citys retaining wall, each night from work. In 246 days i oughta have my stones all collected and have a free wall in the backyard. Its like the free cast iron discs we made from the small sewer covers we had around here years ago. Worked well but eventually one front disc shattered out at mosport and actually left a nice gash on lower leg. Went to brembos after that. Old 1000 superbike.


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              Railroad sleepers. Often free along abandoned right of ways.