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  • Digital caliper battery life...

    For those of you that have the Harbor Freight 6-inch digital calipers: How long does your battery last? For me, they last about two months with occasional use.

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    That is about the same for me with rare use! But sure is faster than using a micrometer. Fred


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      not from harbor .but i have one identical to that (aldi uk), batts are over a year old now still going strong.
      all the best.mark


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        Ihave a mitutoyo and use it regularly,Iuse hearing aid batts. they are cheaper and have slightly less milivolts and good for 6months.


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          I use my Mitutoyo daily, dozens of times. Still on the factory battery after 18 months.

          Barry Milton
          Barry Milton


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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by precisionworks:
            I use my Mitutoyo daily, dozens of times. Still on the factory battery after 18 months.


            Me too except I have only had mine for about 12 months.


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              About 4-6 months on the included batteries. I went to Radio Shack for replacements. Their number is Batt # 303 or Stock # 23-104. It's a Silver-Oxide battery. I bought two but one has been going strong for over a year now.


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                If you use the 232 link provided under the lil slide window it self powers from the computer.

                Cheapest DRO in the business.



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                  David, could you expand on using the digital caliper via a computer as a DRO?
                  Could the display from the caliper also be made to show on a computer screen as well as the inbuilt LCD? Would you need a special program for the computer? What type of physical connections to the caliper?




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                    You'd have to reduce the voltage. The caliper is 1.5v while most computer interfaces are 5.0v and up. There's also a timing issue with the signal from the calipers.

                    There's a pinout somewhere for the HF calipers. I lost my pic and info when the old computer went belly up. If I remember correctly, the pins were ground, data, sync and V+. But I don't remember the order.

                    There's also several places making the DRO box using the calipers. No need for a computer.


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                      6 months atleast. Fresh batteries have the LCD nice and very contrasty, as the batteries get low, lose the contrast and the display will blink. For some reason HF removed all these nice digital calipers off their shelves for the past few days. Supposedly a massive recall. It is nice to see they are back in stock once again. Anyhow, heres what I used my last 6" digi for.

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                        Recall? For what, beating all the high priced calipers?

                        It's not listed here:


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                          Exactly what Miker just asked; I wanna know too.

                          I've been using the caliper DRO trick off and on for years. Then, just recently (when I REALLY needed it) the darn thing went completely on the fritz. (which reminded me of the reason I stopped using it last time)

                          New battery, clean, handled with care, working perfectly... and then it starts giving readings like 52.675, 0.3333333, 34, 19.875, 7, in inches, in that order. Not exactly dependable.

                          Anyway, no problem with battery life.

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                            Now you guys have me woried..I'm near two years on the batteries for my Fowler caliper that I use for a DRO on the quill for my mill.
                            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                              I have, at work, a pair of 24" digital calipers.

                              I don't use them much, but, every time I went to use them , the (*&%$^%$$#$ batteries were dead. Can't have lasted much over 3 months, on, or off.

                              I like dial calipers. Heck, I like VERNIER calipers. No freakin $3 battery.

                              Those 24" calipers cost at least $12 per year just to feed them batteries.


                              Keep eye on ball.
                              Hashim Khan