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South Bend 16"x80" lathe: Need parts

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  • South Bend 16"x80" lathe: Need parts

    Good Morning all,

    I have a good friend here that has a South Bend 16x80 engine or toolroom lathe in need of some parts.

    The lathe is very old. He's not sure at this point, but guesses the model year at 1890 to 1910. This is a flat belt driven lathe. The part he needs is the compound feedscrew nut. This nut is 5/8" diameter with an ACME thread. The nut can be manufacutred but a question of where to put the hole remains. Evidently, the hole is not centered in the nut. There is an offset of .020" or so. Info on that would be appreciated. I need to add: On this screw, thread pitch allows for 1 turn = .120" travel.

    More info on this lathe: The threading indicator does not have any numbers. On his lathe you can cut odd or even threads equally using any 'mark' on the indicator. I add this to hopefully give more info on the type or special specification of this particular machine. I know the current discreption of the lathe is inadequate to really assist me.

    I'll post more info on this guy when I get it. If what I have posted so far is sufficient, please let me know if you guys can help.

    I've given him the contact info for Southbend and LeBond, but I doubt they will have what he's looking for or it will be way overpriced based on the machine's age.

    Thanks in advance!


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    No comments or insufficenet info supplied?


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      Brendon: just bringing this forward again for you. I doubt (from this far away, i have no right to a doubt) you have a .120 (8.333 TPI) thread pitch. More likely its .125 (8 TPI). Did you take all the back lash out before you measured and measure in several places to be sure you have an accurate measure?

      Maybe you could "cast" it in bondo and measure the off set.

      I can not believe you have no inputs so far.


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        Thanks!!The guy that owns it couldn't remember what it was, so .125 may in fact be correct. Last I knew, this nut was busted and the screw it ran on is messed up too. I'm still waiting for him to get back to me on exactly what the model numbers are so I can better ask my questions. The other problem is, this lathe is 150 miles down the road, and the parts in question are even further away at another machine shop/home foundry where we are attempting to get them replaced.

        Thanks alot for the reply and the 'punt'