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  • Southbend fourteen's

    Hello everyone,

    I'm thinking about upgrading from my old 1946 SB 14 1/2, to the fourteen model. Were these good lathes? Did this model have bearing problems? Any input would be appreciated.


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    We bought one at a auction for a friend ($400), they are much harder to get parts for they tell me now. That lathe came with chucks, dial indicators, tooling galore.

    I had to move it with a iron bar, cherry picker and my machine skates I made. (look on my website)



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      I am assuming when you say "fourteen" you mean precisely that. The South Bend "Fourteen" was a rather boxy and simple lathe that had an electronic speed control. I don't know if it utilized an AC motor with variable frequency or a DC motor with variable voltage. I understand the speed control had a lot of problems. Southbend came out with a replacement electronic control unit, so it would be wise to see if one you are considering has had that modification. IIRC either the whole lathe was Italian or just the spindle drive was. All problems are probably solvable - it's just "at what price". For the $400 that David paid, you could get another motor and use a VFD and still not be hurting. One went on ebay in pretty decent shape for around $800 about a year ago. Might do a search in the classifieds on Practical Machinists or the Chaski site. The seller had publicized it on one of those sites. If you get one, you want to be prepared to fix/modify it, not just use it.

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        See here:

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          Yes the Fourteen, the gearhead, vari-speed. The lathe I was looking into was priced too high it seems, about 3500, think I'll pass for now. Thanks for the help!



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            Plaza Machinery who advertize in HSM has a 14 SB on their new list.


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              Found the lathe on his page. Does he answer emails, sent two. Ever have any dealing with this dealer?