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What is the air powered sanding tool their using?

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  • What is the air powered sanding tool their using?

    I mean, "...tool they're using?" I can't believe I did that AGAIN!

    On some of the motorcycle and car shows on Discovery channel and TLC they're using these air powered sanders for fine sanding metal, especially motorcycle gas tanks. The sanding disc looks like it's around 2" to 3" in diameter.

    Are those angled die grinders or something made specifically for sanding?


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    I've seen air powered sanders that don't actually go in a circle. They sorta...orbit, maybe they're orbital sanders. I've heard the name but I don't actually know what the tool is.

    I don't actually know how the mechanism on these works but, but the motion they create is moving the spindle on which the disk spins in a circle while the disk itself spins, I guess so that you don't get circles sanded into whatever it is that you're working on.

    I don't know if that's what these guys are using, but I have seen these in auto shops, so it might well be.


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      I may be wrong but as far as I can tell, they're not dual action sanders.

      I have a 6" DA sander that some refer to as an orbital sander. I think that's what you're describing.


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        It sounds like a dual action sander, or DA for short. Wood workers use the same type of gizmo, but it is electric and they call it a random orbit sander. They work well and leave no swirl marks.


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          looks like an angle grinder with a small sanding disc? could very well be the 3m roloc line or similar. the link is the green line but the have all kinds of others which are similar and for all phases of metal and paint prep and finishing.

          ...and will fit a die grinder.

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            No, these aren't DA's he's talking about.

            I've been wondering about those myself.

            They look all the world like a right angle die grinder with a small sanding disc.
            Hell if I can find 'em and I wouldn't be comfortable with a sanding disc at die grinder speeds.


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              i've never noticed on any of the shows you mentioned, but a friend i worked with had an air-powered drill. it was about the size you describe and he used sanding discs like weps posted.

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