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Grizzly 11X26 aka G9972

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  • Grizzly 11X26 aka G9972

    Has anyone tried one of these relatively new beasts?

    I've been longing for a lathe for many a moons now. Well, I did get a Taig 3 or 4 years back, and have enjoyed it's capabilities, but it is just too small for most of what I want to do.

    Anyhow, I've looked long and hard at the 9X20's, and they just aren't enough machine. I've drooled over the 12X36's and 13X40's, and they'd be perfect, except I can't come up with the proper sales pitch to the wife for a $2500-3500 outleigh.

    But alas, the little 11X26 looks like enough machine for 80-90% of what I'd like to do, and for ~$1400 to my door, may be in the budget.

    I'm hoping someone has taken the bait and has one up and running in their shop, and can provide some pro's and con's on the unit. It looks like a scaled up 9X20, but to my eye, you get alot more machine for not alot more $. Yeah or ney?

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    I know I am spending your money, BUT if at all possible try to get a 12" class machine. The Grizzly G9249 12x37 lathe is under $2,000 and does not carry all the negative baggage the 9x and 11x machine does. I have always thought my Jet BD920 was a 6" lathe on "risers", I can only imagine what the 11" version is like - still not a true QC lathe (you have to change belts and gears), no power to the cross slide, no tumbler reverse, still dealing with lightweight construction, etc.

    good luck with your decision


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      I took a look at Grizzly website. It does not look like too bad a deal. Only drawbacks I see are 1-3/4 8 spindle is oddball, and lowest spindle speed is 150 RPM, a little scary for threading.
      It is not a spaced up 9" machine, but appears to be a different machine. Probably comparable to a Southbend 9 or 10 K or an Atlas in size. Weight is 500+ lbs, so it is no toy.
      That said, my choice in a small lathe would be a S/B 10K, a Logan with quick change or an Atlas also with QC in that order. I am sure that I could find one in excellent condition with tooling in that price range.
      Paul, I just looked at your location. If they will deliver for $125, it might not be a bad choice for you. There have been a couple of articles in HSM (one this issue) on slowing down the spindle. Grizzly has a good reputation. I have had no experience with them, and usual disclaimers apply.
      Good luck.

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      Jim H.


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        Unfortunately, I just don't have the selection of used machines that others have, so for me, would rather buy a new work in progress import, then wait for the mythical good deal machine that I haven't lucked into.

        I didn't realize that the 11X26 doesn't have a powered cross feed, and think I'll stick with the advice of saving and holding out for the 12-13" class of machine. That is really what I want, with 5C capability, and a large enough spindle bore to chamber rifle barrels.

        I did buy a drill press and cross slide table from Grizzly, and the cross slide table arrived damaged. They mailed a replacement cross slide table, instead of using the same shipper, and the postage was $80, on an item that sold for $110. I have nothing but good to say about Grizzly, and shipping to Anchorage is ~$.30/#, reasonable enough in my mind.


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          If you want to work on rifle barrels than the 12/13" class lathes are definately your best choice. You will also need as much bed length as you can afford.


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            My antique flat belt drive Logan does not have Quick Change, BUT, it does have power cross feed and a reversing tumbler and it is only an 11 x 22. Maybe you can find a good used one by advertising on this list.