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  • SW Wisconsin Equipment Source and Thanks

    Thanks for all the suggestions about where to find type Z collets for my Tree mill. You've all heard about the blind sow, right? Well today I was that sow.

    I'd spotted a blurb in the local shopper paper an industrial supply company up near Monticello WI would be open today, and something told me I outta go check it out. The ad mentioned several Bridgeport mills and other machine tools so I thought I'd buzz up (about 30 miles) and take a look. All I can say is this is the kind of place dreams are made of - a couple of huge buildings piled to the ceiling with everything you can imagine, but in completely random order - a regular treasure hunt in every box or pile.
    All this surrounded by a junkyard that defies description...a skid full of air hoists here, a 20' long sheet of diamond plate there, a rusty old punch press back in the weeds. Talk about being the kid in the candy store!

    The proprietor, Chad, runs a rigging and hauling business and buys and sells just about everything. Very knowledgeable and a nice guy, and yes, he knew was a Z collet was and YES! he had a complete set of 'em! But where are they...that's the question. After amost giving up the search he asked his wife, who not only puts up with all the "stuff" but knew exactly which tarp-covered gaylord to look in. Thus I am now the proud owner of a set of 65 Tree type Z collets (and for a VERY good price!).

    Chad has about 6 Bridgeport mills ranging from "really dirty" at $1750 to nice with DRO and accy's for $3500. Several nice bandsaws, drill presses, big sheet metal rollers, a Pexto jump shear, welders, gobs of tooling, benches, etc and skidloads of furniture-grade wood. He's located about 1/2 hour from Madison or about 2 hours west of Milwaukee. Since he doesn't deal over the internet I thought I'd pass the info along in case anyone might make a tool connection. The name is RITE Industrial LLC (608)938-2422, tell him I sent ya cuz I'm tickled pink to have a source like this in my backyard and plan to be a regular customer ;-)

    Bob Nickels

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    Congrats on your collets. I read your prior thread when you were asking about them and wondered how long it would take you to find some. Hope that you got a good price on them as well.

    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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      What is the name of this company? I live in Stoughton, WI and would like to check them out.


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        Is he off of rt. 12?