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Horizontal Cutters....What use are these ones ?

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  • Horizontal Cutters....What use are these ones ?

    What would these horizontal cutters be used for.


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    They appear full radius cutters


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      What kind of moderator are you?

      In our Online Machine Shop Fundamentals Manual:

      Chapter 8: Milling Operations:

      Page 25 covers those cutters...



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        ok then
        they are a concave cutters.
        now then
        what use are they
        are they for rounding off sides of a plates.
        I've not done any horizontal milling before and have been offered theses as part of a job lot.
        pics below
        dont know wether to take this offer up .
        would seven inch cutters be too-much for a horizontal attachment on a bridgeport...
        In the first picture, diameters are between 3" and 7"; in the second, between 2" and 4".

        they have been offered to me at آ£150 all inc
        and i was wondering if this is a bit toooomuch for obscure stuff like this

        all the best..mark

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          Definitly to much.
          Most of the big ones will kill a Bridgeport.
          There are about 10 usefull ones in that lot.
          Offer him 25 quid.

          John S.

          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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            Certain shapes are great for cutting sprocket teeth and gear teeth.... I'd like to get a good quality set of various sizes and styles myself so I can easily build my own gears and be able to make my own transmissions, etc.

            You can use all of those in a bridgeport with the correct arbors, but you'll obviously want to take light cuts with them and keep the quill all the way up and locked and feed with the knee, etc.



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              I know the quoted price is 150 British Pounds, but how much is a "quid"?


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                a quid is slang for a pound.
                like your bucks sort of thing
                all the best.mark


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                  Ah, okay.



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                    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by aboard_epsilon:
                    a quid is slang for a pound.
                    like your bucks sort of thing
                    all the best.mark
                    What else is there.....

                    I remember:

                    "Crisps" are "Chips" in the US
                    "Lifts" are "Elevators" in the US

                    Oh, and:

                    "Mate" is "Sexual Partner" in the US. There seems to be a lot of same sex couples over there



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                      Mark these are worth max آ£2 each if in good nick don't pay any more remember I gave you some of mine well you can have the rest if you want them for free آ£150 is highway robbery they won't make a fraction of that on ebay regards Alistair
                      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                        Over here we eat faggots.
                        and our chips are your fries.
                        and lugs are our ears.
                        I see some of you are now calling your bars your half way there

               need all them small cutters for your mill.

                        John آ£150 inc p-and-p is the price after I had knocked him down..initionally he wanted آ£5 each times 37 equals ....آ£ I guess that I will give this one a miss.
                        all the best..mark


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                          If I were you I'd stand him up again and knock him down again but harder this time.

                          John S.

                          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                            There are a bunch of types of cutter there, including one apparent gear cutter, some various side milling cutters, slitting saws, at least one alternate tooth slitting saw, and a bunch of form cutters. Lots of the same sort of thing (not bad to have more than one, though).

                            I gave $50 US for a couple hundred such cutters. Most of them were good, and I got at least that many usable.

                            The problem is that if all you have is a Bridgeport, most of those are no use to you.

                            Not only that, you know that the bulk of them will need to be sharpened to be useful. That itself could cost you possibly two or three pound each (mentally converting).

                            If nicked, as is likely if they were kicking around in a box, it will take more work to sharpen.

                            Might just not be worth anything to you, unless you have a horizontal mill, and probably a tool and cutter grinder also.

                            Mind, those probably, if bought new, average $50 US each. But that isn't happening for used, dull, possibly nicked or corroded items.

                            Now, if they were all gear cutters, in smaller sizes (14 DP and above) I'd think differently. Especially if they were in full sets of 8. At about $25 a pop new import, it could be worth getting into those, and your Bridgeport could deal with them fine.

                            Keep eye on ball.
                            Hashim Khan


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                              if you visit under "milling machine" you will find a set of horizontal milling cutters i bought of ebay, the full lot was آ£25 but it was آ£23 packing/postage, as a set works out to be very heavy indeed. thanks for this post because i didnt know what these shaped cutters was for either?.