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kirloskar western lathe change gear help!

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  • kirloskar western lathe change gear help!

    i have a kirloskar western lathe type kwl model 6816. i have a change gear missing on the quick change for the lead screw. i think the gear has a d.p of 14, 16 teeth, outside diameter of 1.2815. if anyone knows where i could get this gear or if these are the proper specs. please email me.


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    You also need to know the pressure angle, most likely 14 1/2 degrees (but not certain).

    I don't think 14dp is particularly common -- I've never seen 14dp gears listed for sale -- but I'm sure a gear company could make you one...for a fee, of course.

    It would likely be cheaper to make your own, if you have a dividing head and milling machine. You could also set it up on a vertical rotary table, with a bit of creative workholding. It's not a big deal to cut a gear. Buy the gear cutter you need ($25-$30 or so from Travers or MSC) and have at it. Gash the teeth with a slitting saw first to get rid of most of the metal, then finish with the gear cutter.

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      Looks like a 14 DP (T+2/DP = OD), but blank dia should be 1.2857". Check on the internet for gear suppliers. Usually you can buy any number teeth, any DP, to stock widths from a specialist supplier. Will either be a plain gear with no through hole or with a nominal hole through (for a 16T would usually be a 1/2" or 5/8" dia hole). Over in the UK one such supplier is HPC Ltd., but I'm sure you'll find a more local one!!!!

      SGW is correct in pointing out the PA needs to be known. From my experience 20* PA is the most common, with 14 1/2*PA as a more specialist requirement, for use in low loss drives, and where high duty/high speed use may cause oil film breakdown due to high scuffing loads on the gear flanks. Best way to easily find what PA you have is to compare with a known 14DP x PA gear. Like if its a 20PA gear that's known and it meshes sweetly with your KWL gears....hey presto! If it feels like a piece of gravel in your shoe.... the KWL must be a 14 1/2 PA!



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        thank you for the info it was a great help