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  • Been playing today

    A while ago I cleared a local college's machine shop out when they closed it down.
    Usually Health and Safety issues, plus they can get more computers into the same space than machines. Only good point is they are teaching Chinese students computer studies [ if you can't beat them, join them ! ]
    Anyway I sold a lot on but kept a few machines back for my own use. Amongst this lot was a Myford ML10 lathe converted to CNC.
    Hardy used but very dated with a BBC computer on it.
    Tried it when we got it back a while ago but it errored out for some reason.
    Had a look at it and discovered the motor DC spindle speed board was lacking the logic voltage. Traced it thru and found a dead transformer, replaced this this weekend and decided to give it a whirl.
    The program as written in 1986 in BBC basic but it must have been quite advanced for it's day.
    It uses a spindle encoder for threading but it also uses the same encoder to check for non starting and stalls, hence our original fault. It uses standard G code and the usual lathe canned cycles. It also has a simple graphical simulator and can check for collision. As I say it's quite advanced for a 1986 program. Ran a few collets off for the little Taig mill and did a bit of test threading.
    Once I got a few operator errors sorted I tried to do a 1/2" x 10 tpi Left Hand Acme leadscrew.
    Very impressed with the way it did this but I'm certain the accuracy isn't consistant due to the lack of a traveling steady on a long [ 13" ] thin screw such as this.
    Shows what can be written for control software for this to be in basic and on 1/2 of an old 5 1/4" disk

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    May I be so rude as to ask what you got it for? Last ML10 I seen (unused - stand, change gears otherwise loaded) was $6,000 Canadian. I almost bought it but the green color clashed with my eyes...(blink, blink)


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      would it not be nice to have salvage rights to what the Gov't and other tax payer supported groups throw away?


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        Yeah! Especially at Anniston, Ala. (If your into rifles!!)


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          And I bet we paid for all the available attachments, large spindle options, etc. etc.

          Companies are just as bad. I passed (no space at all) on an opportunity to buy a Bridgeport about 10 years ago when a plant I worked at was removing unsafe things. A friend picked it up for $300 (no typo). It had been used in a very quiet, internal model shop. Unblemished factory paint !

          After spending too much spare time in front of multiple computers, I finally chucked them (pun intended), picked up a mill drill and a Maximat 7 lathe. Haven't been happier in years ! It's sad to see our kids spend so much time with computer products (yes, I know that we can't live without them per Bill G.) and the endless (and IMHO mindless) upgrade cycle when so few have developed any hands on mechanical skills. A little more woodworking, metalworking and other skills would create a few more citizens who know how things work and (again IMHO) what the heck is going on !

          Sorry, rant mode was on.



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            I told you guys before I was offered from a technical college six not one but six beautiful condition with all the toys several chucks each etc, colchester student lathes for less than UK آ£100 each probably got the lot forآ£300 GBP thats around$450us I did nt have the energy or room but if i had well money for old rope Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              Is your maximat 7 a Flat Bed, Blue or green paint, 4 or 6 speed mill head?

              I have an Ancient Blue flat bed, 4 speed head. Great machine.

              We have those sales all the time up here. The have walk in sales, auctions, and sealed bids. In the Arctic the stuff is just trashed. The Yellowknife garbage pit has a section just for government "surplus". Trailer loads of stuff, all still usable. They will not ship it south to population because of the cost involved. They better pray I never become prime minister - heads will roll in poo and get deep fried.


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                The maximat 7 has flat ways, short bed and no mill head at all. Color is sort of hammertone blue/green, not green like the super 11s. Looks more blue after hitting test areas with 409 cleaner.

                I'm almost done stripping it down and painting it john deere yellow (for my eyes and brightens the shop, may kill resale value).

                Was thinking of going after super 11 on ebay but my rebuild starts all over again. Just (nervously) threw a new Bison 5", 3 jaw, direct pre-threaded mount and measure plus/minus 0.001" TIR 40mm out on a ground arbor ! Gotta love it.

                What do you think of the super on ebay at the moment ?



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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Alistair Hosie:
                  I told you guys before I was offered from a technical college six not one but six beautiful condition with all the toys several chucks each etc, colchester student lathes for less than UK آ£100 each probably got the lot forآ£300 GBP thats around$450us I did nt have the energy or room but if i had well money for old rope Alistair</font>
                  What is that? About $250.00 US?...........I think I'll go out on the deck and cry awhile now.


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                    I think these things are coming up all the time rustybolt as i said I asked if they would go for, the guy said peanuts I said what about a hundred each (meaning UK pounds )and he said I don't even think well get that. So work out one pound U K equalls abou one dollar fifty cents U S sorry to make you as sick as I was pitty they were so heavy if you could slip one in your back pocket I would be in there now wearing three pears of trousers Alistair
                    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                      If you need a parts manual let me know, I can either email them or throw them on a cd. As the Copyright expired 15 years ago, I do not mind doing this. You can order it from Tony in the UK, it is the same one (mine). I also have some other notes for it. Email requires around 8 megabytes in Jpeg. I may rescan in TIFF later.

                      Use ISO68 or lighter R&O Gear & Bearing Lube, or Antiwear Hydraulic in the head and ISO 68 way lube. Make sure you lube the gear train up before threading or power feeding. If you need parts you can buy them from - some of them are ridiculous and down right outlandish as to price - just like full sized stuff! If the plastic two gear set with a pull knob is pooched you may want to start looking for a quick change gearbox to go on it. John Stevenson has supplied me with the critical dimensions for a kit in Britain that may just work for our lathes - I will let you know as things progress.


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                        Thanks for the offer and other info. I did get an operation and parts manual with the lathe, and a worn out mismatched chuck, $550.

                        After messing around for several weekends trying to find SAE 10 oil locally, I bit the bullet and ordered vactra #2 and velocite #10 for the ways and spindle. Vactra is so slick that I wipe excess off before use and reapply after cleaning up.

                        After the velocite circulated, I was able to reach the highest speed (2800 rpm) without my static phase converter coughing and sputtering as it had been at that speed. Definitely loosened things up.

                        The pull knob (feed gears) are fine but just discovered a few days ago that the reverse gears were too large in diameter, must have been replaced at some point. Holding the reverse lever so that the gears had more clearance made them almost silent. A call to Blueridge got me the diameter. Sounds like they are probably 0.8 mod, 22 teeth. A 32DP, 22 tooth non metric would work as well but I haven't found any of suitable face width yet. What's funny is I can buy a 5C indexing head, grind a profile flycutter and delrin stock ALL for less than replacement parts.

                        In regards to parts pricing, a brand spanking new leadscrew set me back only $35 while a little micrometer dial (obliterated by rust) cost $60 ! Both from Blueridge.

                        Will post pictures somewhere when the painting is done. Looks pretty good so far.

                        Still have my eyes on the super 11 on ebay but should probably put some wear on the maximat 7 first before moving up.

                        I'll email you about some other related (some entertaining) stuff since this is getting long.



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                          I have bronze tumblers on mine - I have never bothered to measure them but they should be equal tooth count. If you need the specs drop me a note and I will measure them up for you.