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Double row chain

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  • Double row chain

    I need double row roller chain 3/8 pitch, .225 width, roller dia. 1/4
    Anyone got any leads?
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    good morning. this a trick question?

    does it have anything to do with renting to own?

    happy weekend.

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      No it sure doesn't , need the chain for some old machinery, changing sprocket size isn't an option.
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        This site has 9.525mm (3/8 inch) pitch roller chain and it says it's available in single, double or triple strand (I assume a double strand would be a double row or duplex chain).

        Click Here

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          One of the rare examples of still extent inch standards is roller chain. All the oddball metric sizes are direct translations from inch sizes. Steve


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            the .250 dia roller is what would cause me fits. This is obviously a pre ANSI inch sprocket.
            3/8 pitch double row is easy. Just go to and search for "roller chain".
            there you will find 3/8 pitch doble strand with a roller diameter of .200 and a width (of the ROLLER) of 3/16 (but no mention of over all width).



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              sch & Ron,
              The chain is off a spanish machine who copied the chain from the old British Renolds
              chain company hence the strange size.(perhaps a scent of withworth somewhere it there)
              Thanks for the info.
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                Renold is still around:

                Click Here
                THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE


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                  wow, yeah, that is funky. Martin Gear and Sprocket will do custom chain, but I imagine you'd have to pay pretty handsomely for it, and don't know if you could get small quantities.



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                    Yes Renold chain is still around and there is some chain that you have to buy Renold to get the correct size. I used to sell it, if IRC it was used on seedling transplanting macinery a lot. Hadn't come across it in duplex though. Not saying i doesn't exist.

                    I know you say changing sprocket size is not an option but sometimes when we needed more strength it was a better/cheaper option to go bigger chain than duplex or triplex.



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                      Renolds is a brand name, not a type of chain. They make a huge range of chains. (Although a very good brand, and originator of the roller chain if I remember correctly).

                      Chief, It sounds to me like you need some British Standard Roller chain, 06B-2, as made by every chain manufacturer I know of.

                      BS 3/8" chain has a roller dia of .250", inside width of chain is .230",

                      BS chain is 'normal' in this part of the world, though conveyor chains are American standard, in other words, BS is extremely common - though possibly not in the USA

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                        You are right,I wanted renolds brand chain because it tends not to wear as quickly, I work on alot of ole tired British and Spanish iron, I'm getting things around for my next project a BSA.
                        I can get chain but I guy I get it from doesn't send it in the OEM box and won't say where it's from but charges an arm and a leg
                        for it. I wanted to buy it in bulk, every couple of races you have to change it unless
                        you want to have it slice through the block. The price of a "new" thirty year old case is twice the GDP of Zimbabewe.
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                          I realise Renold is just one manufacturer of chain.

                          But they do make good chain and they do make many types. My experince has been in this part of the world anyway that sometimes they are the only supplier who can supply a particular type of chain.

                          As I said I used to sell chain and we had customers with transplaniing machines that used an odd ball 3/8 chain. You couldnt use ordinary AS or BS because it just wouldn't work on the machines. Renold were the only ones who could supply and the customers complained because they had to pay the price.