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    hello, old dog, im a tattoo artist and if you can post some info on gravers I will read and make some.

    I have tryed but not with good results, some pictures would make me get after making some.

    I quit tattooing to stay away from disease and the dirtbags who have disease.(druggies)

    as an artist I am not a copy cat, if you post some pictures of work I will not steal it.(so lets see some)

    here is a tattoo I did on another artist, he drew it, I just put it on.

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      "The RULE is: never touch another's bike, car, airplane, boat, etc without permission. The RULE for admiration: put hands in back pockets and keep them there. Look all you want. Do NOT touch another's proud possessions."

      Saw a sign once, not sure were/or whose shop but it kinda went.

      "While in my shop keep your hands in your pockets so you can play with your toys while I play with mine"
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        Maybe the rule should be: "Don't touch anybodies anything without an invite"

        I work with a guy who rides with one of the rather infamous MC clubs. He was braggin up his bike awhile back and asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him after work. Took him up on it. I was never so scared having fun in my life.


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          I too am a frustrated artist.

          "the Art of Engraving" by James Meeks. Nice book that covers most the basics. Ornamental alphabets, Scrollworks, learning to draw from the masters (Leonardo Divinci) $120 book. And A "Atlas of Animal Anatomy by W. Ellenburger & H Ditrich & H Baum

          Gravemeister, a pneumatic operated impact engraving tool makes it work nearly like a tattoo machine. You have to guide-point it instead of holding machine up flat thou.

          You can paint white, then lay a hectorgraphic thermal stencil just like you use tattooing from the same transparancy machine. Use a Iron to transfer it.

          I never got the urge completely, I have sunken antique silver dollars into stocks, done some checkering, some light engraving.

          Hey, I started out as a airbrush artist. That is a easy switch to tattooing, I was laying in quality ink in three months under the mentoring of Sailor Ken, Actually learned how several years later.

          Alas, Thou I still love art. My eyes are giving me problems.

          Yeah, I have been known to ramble off subject.


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            Meho, check out Gypsies post. He's gottem right. Meeks book was my first and most useful. As for the scrolls. Only way to learn them is to draw thousands of them and then it starts to come natural. No easy way around that.

            If you and TattoMike are interested I'll put a little something together and email it to you. Don't want to bore the machine forum with hand chisels !!

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            Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

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              Chisels fit into the home shop as well as any bridgeport.

              Start a post.. move the Meeks book.. If I have anything else to add.. I will.. I got tons of books.

              Acid etching is the same as printed circuit cards.. Laser acid-relief etching.. ohh yeah.. Too much money to play thou.


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                One thing I have not seen, all aspects covered from electro-stenciling (small power supply and a silk screen and salt water), negative photo-resist acid etching, and gravemiester, and hand gravers.. Lost art..

                Some people work with foredom tools and do excellent work. Rotary, It wants to lead me off.. not picked that up as a skill yet.

                Yeah, I got the mandatory dremel.. Use if for the darnest things.


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                  I would be interested in any info you have. I don't know if the email miners frequent her but her is my addy:

                  abodom at mindspring dot com

                  I don't think a Gravemeister is in my near future but I would like to tinker.

                  Hummm.... an Engraved AR-15. Haven't seen one of those yet! Just kidding. I don't think it would be DCM legal.


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                    i'm also interested. i have one of Meeks' books i got from Brownell's. i was friends with a few people that worked for Gravemeister and used to get the listings for their classes all the time. one of these days i'll make it to one.

                    andy b.
                    The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                      A buddy of mine had has panhead parked outside a McDonalds. As he was leaving the building, he saw a gaggle of small kids running towards his bike. He tried to warn the "mother" that they better stay clear of it. She got the message when one of the little darlings grabbed a handful of still hot exhaust pipe. Oops.


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                        mmurphy you are never too old. when i frist started riding took a trip with an older couple he was 70 she was in her 60's they rode us youg people into the ground.
                        i am 55 now plan to stop when they nail the lid on the box.