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    I know this has probably been brought up before but does anyone know a good online source for cross-referencing bearings and numbers, in exchange for this info I will
    disclose the secret of life.
    Non, je ne regrette rien.

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    NTN has a website that has a good cross reference. I would contact a good bearing house in the area and talk to the reps. They seem to have access to a database that cross references all the manufacturers. Good luck.



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      No deal ..... secret of life .... don't die.
      I just want to know how the navy mounts a lathe aboard ship. Must I enlist to learn?

      Bearings ??? I used to do the engine work on Torrington's sailboat.

      Don't get me wrong, I have no intention to put a lathe on my boat ..... I'm just curious.

      Yes, this is blackmail.


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          Machine pad isolators just like all other high vibration prone equipment. Actually a contractor does - Navy don't do nothing!


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            The secret of life,cold beer! The navy hard mounts the machines to the deck, no vibration isolators due to flexing of the bed.
            Non, je ne regrette rien.


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              I knew a man, his wife and 1 year old baby, who built a 30 foot sail boat in the Philippines. He put in a unimat lathe and started for usa. Next I heard of him, he was near cape canaveral and spent a week with us here near Jacksonville. He ran out of money in South africa, worked as engineer for a year and continued. He had lots of good stories. Said the lathes and accesories saved him several times. Was offered big profit for it sseveral places. Only time it failed him was when the aux engine (motive and ship power) faled to start and he ned to make a part!!
              some times you just cant get there from here. His little jewel was packed in a nice wooden box, sit on deck or near his work.

              I rather have a unmounted lathe than none.


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                docsteve, If I am ever so lucky as to get myself into this position, now I know to pack along a hand crank for the little woman. Mike