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  • Access to Military Tech manuals

    Some time ago somebody posted an entry regarding the Department of The Army Training Circular on the "Fundamentals of Machine Tools" I downloaded it and it is very good. Now I am looking for access to some tech manuals regarding the repair and maintenance of binoculars and was wondering if the person who entered that last entry had an address to access military manuals. Can anyone help?

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    that was me.


    if that doesn't work, email Joan Pouch at
    [email protected]

    good luck.
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      Hello pasofino,

      This is not an answer to the request, but a good source of off-the-wall books & manuals on commercial optics is "" I have ordered several worthwhile pamphlets on binocular and riflescope repair from them. They are in San Diego, not Germany. You may already have "Basic Optics and Optical Instruments", a collection of wartime stuff the Navy put out to train their "Opticalman" rate. It's a bargan & sold by Dover as a reprint. My favorite is "Repairing & Adjusting Binoculars" by ALii Service Notes. I got it from Deutsche Optik. Hope I haven't insulted your intelligence. It's rare to run across folks who touch optical hardware by choice.


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        I believe the link should be specifically for the Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMS) on line

        They have a nice Southbend manual there as well as a variety of other machine tools.

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