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  • more dump fun

    I was down at the dump again today and found this still wrapped in plastic- never been used .

    It occurs to me that instead of making a rubber stamp-it could be used to make a rubber mould for investment casting something like a brass plate with a logo,or letters and numbers ect .

    Has any one have any knowledge of this machine and it use ?

    Find number 2 was this;-

    The website claims it goes at 3615 SFM is this a sensible speed for grinding woodworking plane irons and chisels or is it too fast for carbon steel?

    I find my self using the hand held belt sander a lot to dress a quick and dirty edge on my woodworking tools at the moment ,and i am prety sure that belt is not going at 3615 SFM.

    Reason I ask is the motor might get swapped if it is unusable (think that it just has a siezed bearing-hopefully motor is not burned) and I wonder if there is an advantage in using a slower motor - or do I stick with the 3450 RPM motor?

    I think I am beating Hoffman in the dirty tool salvage dept at the moment!

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    Cool!Great find on the Kalamazoo belt grinder.
    3600 is good,but slower would be better for woodworking tools.
    Oooooh!I know,dig a VFD out of another dumpster and make it variable speed
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      WOW...where is this dump???? Actually, if i were you i'd keep it to myself!

      nice gear !


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        I gotta get myself a better dump.


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          And I been waisteing my time dumpster diving. I get a bad headache from it. I'll have to locate my nearest dump (I'll tell ya, heavy trash day in most communities will net some pretty nice steel every now and then)

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