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    Never used one except back in school. I can see that it's useful for adjusting the height, but because of the rocking motion, you aren't you effectively changing the effective rake angle in the process. I know it's small but it's can easily be 2 or 3 degrees. This just occurred to me and wanted to make sure that I'm thinking straight.


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    I am not sure if this will help but sherline uses rocker tool posts they might have some info on there sight. all I have is rocker tool posts for my lathe and they seem to work well as compared to a lathe that I had to use shim stock to reach the proper heighth.


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      I would rather use any other tool post than the Armstrong Lantern type. Sorry, I hate them with a passion - too much overhang.


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        You are correct that it changes the angle. So you have to deal with how you sharpen and how much tool you extend ect. But, because the center height of your lathe does not change once your bit is set correctly and sharpened properly it is no big deal. Beats the heck out of shims. I have quick change tooling on one lathe and the lantern on another---The choice of which to use is determined by the job at hand and my mood. I have also built some custom semi-quick change tooling, for things like boring bars, that are lathe specific.
        Hows that for a long answer for a short question. I have to be long-winded cause Thrud has me on size.

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          As stepside I have both types. The quick change is much faster but sometimes you need the odd angle or into a tight little spot the q.c. won't fit.



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            I use the "lantern" type all the time. Never felt the need for anything else. I like the infinite adjustability.

            Maybe if I got an Aloris type I'd realize how bad the lantern style is, but I don't have any problems with it.
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              I USED to say that too - a long time ago. I think they still had brontosaurus burgers at the drive-in then...