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  • Welder purchase.

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a Welder and need to draw on your experience. I am very short on room so the inverter Stick / TIG units seem the best fit. What is holding me off is the price. Lately several import units have come to my attention. Has anyone had any experience with these welders?

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    I would look for either a used Lincoln or Miller. Rather than a new import. I just bought a "used" Lincoln Squarewave 175 stick/tig with 10 to 15 hours of use for $800. It looks brand new. Bargains are out there. Seek and you shall find.


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      I had a couple of medium size imports, gave them away, they didn't work as well as the old fashion Lincoln Buzz Box.

      I saved up my pennies and bought a Lincoln TIG 275 and then made the stick cable for it. Works great in both modes, in fact stick welding is so much nice with this welder.

      Just keep looking around or find a rebulding shop or try this place:

      I haven't dealt with them except for some fill and sticks. And remember the cost of shipping a welder can be expensive because they weigh a lot.



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        I bought this TIG unit direct from the manufacturer. Less money than Lincoln or Miller. All the adjustments you'd expect in a top-end machine. I'd buy another one if I needed a second TIG.

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          I'd forego the import, and look for either a Lincoln or Miller, my preference is the Lincoln, but don't buy something you can't get local parts support for.
          I'd talk to the local welding supply company first. They often get trade in's from schools etc, and you can get a good deal lots of times.


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            Pete's right about talking to the welding company. Only don't ask them if they have any, tell them to call you when they get some. There's a differance!

            In Buffalo area Ford Motors has a tig school at the plant and they rotate something like 40 units a year. By that I mean the units are only 1 year old but well used.

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              My experience as been if 40 used machines are available, there are likely 400 potential customers who know they are becoming available.

              Unless you happen to just fall into a killer deal on a newer welder, I would check out Ebay for companies drop shipping to you with free shipping and a full warranty.

              Something no one talks about is the money they would have to spend to fix an used welder when the warranty is gone since the welder is usually resold.