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  • Meet Fritz ....My Next Project

    got this machine off ebay the other day .
    cost me آ£0.99p.

    Anyhows I picked it up the other day .
    there is no model number on it .....all I know is that it is a Fritz Werner universal mill.
    and it was in a lot better condition than those ebay pics sugested.
    only it's stripped right down and I've got to work out how to get it all back together.
    all the parts are there bar the gear that drives the head. {at the moment it looks very like one of the gears from my old shaper will fit)
    I dont know what it looks like when assembled ..but think it looks similar to a deckel.

    My gantry came out for an airing

    motor is 3.2 kw

    Main gearbox has its own cam opperated oil pump.

    Electrics in cabinet look neatly done.

    To me it looks like all I have to do is assemble it .test run it ..diassemble it .......and prep for spray painting.
    we will have to wait and see what happens.
    all the best..mark

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    Looks like it will make you a nice mill when you get done with it.

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      To heck with the mill, I want the gantry. Mine weighs a ton. I think it almost killed me.

      A real intelligent man can take scrap and make something useful. The extent of that usefulness is only limited by a mans intelligence.

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