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You think your pickup is BIG!

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  • You think your pickup is BIG!

    On CBS they shouled the new CXT pickup truck, it is a semi with a pickup bed and lots of options.

    Here is the CNN report:

    I will take my element over this any day, I can afford the fuel for the element, barely.


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    "Built for guys with tiny dickies"
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      My 4x4 truck gets around 8 to 10 MPG on pump gas. The CTX isn't that bad if it can pull off 10 MPG of diesel.



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        I have seen Californian's doing this for years to the big Chevy 6500 and Ford F650 trucks, they just made custom beds for them. Always make's me wonder what they do for work when I see a vehicle that has $60,000 to $80,000 invested in it pulling a fifty foot speed boat that probably cost $100,000 to $150,000. Also you know with a vehicle and boat like that comes pretty women that like to spend some money too.


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          Then they have to hide them behind the house because they are 2 months late on payments.

          I have watched the neighbors truck get loaded onto a roll back twice, they run out and write a check.


          AND 3ph: your 4x4 may be nice, but the mileage sucks.. a black hole in the gas tank, a whirlpool of escaping money.
          I got over the big powerful truck ideal, I need a cheap old shop truck to sit and a cheap to drive vehicle to commute. Mine gets 25mpg, it sucks too. Shop truck is barely better than your mileage.
          Where are the old chevy trucks that got 20mpg?


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            My 2003 GMC Sierra 2wd. with crew cab and small V8 gets 20 mpg & cruises at 75 mph.
            Jim H.


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              Jc, they sure have changed since the 80s then.

              Usually a crew or 4 door pickup had a heavier suspension and taller gearing and none of the service trucks got more than 15.

              Do you have the "new" 327? Them have a long stroke and a small bore. pretty good motors is what they tell me, but not the same as the old 327's.. I had one of them in a camaro that got 25mpg. 2 speed powerglide, headers, eldebrock, 650dp holley and 15" rear tires. It had high compression too, old double hump heads.
              My 350 chevy motor I have had in 7 vehicles, it only gets 15mpg in anything I have had it in. I threaten to put a 327 large journal crank in it. It's a 72 chevy 4 bolt main motor w'2.02 heads and dishcut pistons. It's getting flattops this rebuild. I keep hoping to do the blockwork on my cnc. I got two junk motors coming to play with.


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                It is the 4.8, I think 295 ci. Not a real small block any more, no distributor, Holley or Q-jet, but it runs well, and gets good mileage. It is a plain jane pickup, just air, auto and cruise.

                My other car is a 94 Z-28 with the last of the small blocks. It will cruise all day at 75 & get 25mpg. It will also put any other car I have ever owned on the trailer up to 105, it is a convertible and is governed. My 69 Camaro with the built 350 4 speed was more fun, at least until you tried to stop it.
                Jim H.


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                  $93.000 buys a lot of machinery.I know which i'd rather have.



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                    I think some of you guys are missing the point on big rigs like this. It's more for the personnal statement it makes than any utilitarian purpose.

                    Imagine, you're sitting there at the red light, you glance around and absolutly everyone is talking about you ! Ain't it great? You think they're saying things like...........

                    "Wow, what a beautifull truck that hunk owns"

                    "Hey Barb, look at this manly dog in his big powerful truck. He must be good in the sack."

                    "Boy, there's Billy! The drug business must be great! Just look at those spinner caps!"

                    BUT, what they're actually saying is......

                    "Wow, what a beautiful truck that dud owns. Put that money in a 401K at his age and be rich at retirement."

                    "Hey Barb, here you go! Another dog with an idenity crises. Probably needs to follow the wet spot to find his dinky!"

                    "Boy, there's Billy! BTW you know, I heard they find druggies by finding the money first and then working backwards?"

                    But, he can always dream for the best! Wait till he wakes up someday, the clock says 60years old and he says, "boy, where did my life go?"

                    It is possible he has a real need for it. But I'm laying odds most won't need it!

                    I had my version of a CXT when I was younger. Had a 79 Blazer all dudded up. Made me feel like Conan the Barbarian or "the Governer"
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                    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                      Heck you guys are getting great mileage. At work we have a 2004 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 with the 6 litre V8 that wouldn't get 11 mpg running empty on a bet. I can do better than that with my old 1979 F 150 with a 460 pulling a loaded car trailer.
                      I never saw a car as a status symbol. I spent too many years working on them for a living to think of them any way but as transportation, and the cheaper I could do it, the better I liked it. People telling me how their carbureted 4x4 got 25 mpg better show me the mast and sail they had on the rooftop, cause thats the only way it'd ever happen. Just heard one too many of these BS stories.

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                        Hummmm, my Honda CRX HF gets 50mpg. Guess I'll cut the back of the roof off and call her a truck
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                          CRX: Man what a toy.

                          I really liked my Honda Crx till I got hit in it..

                          My reaction seeing the chain collision happening behind me? I slumped in the seat, put both forearms in front of my face like I was sparring someone. The 3/4 ton truck hit 4 cars back behind me, then the smacking got to my car? I (my car) flew 15 feet through the air like a golf ball, my CRX hitting the crown Vic in front of me. My knees in the crouched position when I came to the end of my seat belt flew upward under the dash and badly bruised both of them right over my kneecaps.

                          Next day, My knees were so swollen I could not get pants on.

                          My car? it had one ripple over the passenger tire showing the body had been modified and shortened slightly.

                          IN the door legend tag, it says 1600 pounds, now I don't know if that is the weight or the load capacity. Since it is a two seater I think the weight. I kinda remember the load being 535lbs.

                          Mine got 45mpg with air off, 35 with it on. Leather seats, Moon roof, nice stereo, plenty of room for my 6'1" 275lbs self. I wish i had it back. Trying to buy another one? they are now a cult car. You can't reasonably. Mine was made in the USA. (probably had the wheels bolted onto it)

                          It'd do 85 so fast it'd get you a unexpected ticket. Yes, it had the Si engine. I am a car fanatic and I liked that one. My union brothers didn't and threatened to paint it or key it, or cut it's michelien tires. I told the speaker I'd paint him, key him, or cut his little winkey off. It never happened on that job.. I never drove it to GM in Atlanta.


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                            $93.000 buys a lot of machinery.I know which i'd rather have.

                            Amen Hans
                            my sentiments exactly.My cousin asked me what do you want all those tools for? I asked him what do you want that new Mercedes sports car for?I enjoy mine you just got a new dashboard as beyond that cars are all the same do the same thing you can enjoy tools.
                            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JCHannum:
                              My 2003 GMC Sierra 2wd. with crew cab and small V8 gets 20 mpg & cruises at 75 mph. </font>
                              Drat! My 2002 GMC w/V6 (std cab/bed, 2WD) only gets 15-16mpg. What's going on here?