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    Iwould like some advice and opinions and to let you know in my opinion of Online Metal's a poor business practice. I ordered .750 and .250 360 brass hex material from them back in March. The .250 material arrived as ordered but the .750 "Hex" has rounded corners of approximately 3/32 nds. I cannot use this material with the rounded corners.
    I immediately called Online Metals and asked for the "correct" Hex material as I would return the "wrong " sent piece. They said that they only had the rounded material and would give me credit.
    My next credit card bill did not have the credit so I called them once again and they assured me that they would credit my card account. I waited another month and once again no credit to my account. I just recently called and the person took down all my info and promised to get me my credit. That evening I received a rather nasty email from Online Metals refusing to give the credit stating that the rounded "HEX was Hex bar stock as I orderer. I'm really confused because I do not consider this Hex bar stock of any normal type. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. thanks , Wayne

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    Technically, they are right but they should be up front with the specs of the metal. It seems they have made an attempt to delay long enough to keep you from contacting your CC company. To no avail, of course. Write a letter to your CC and ask for credit. Make sure you claim "product not as described" and your attempts to negotiate with the company.

    Personally, I'm not suprised with OM's response.


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      I am also surprised. I have purchased from Online Metals several times and have always gotten what I ordered. (my most recent order just arrived yesterday) They are not the cheapest (due to shipping from the west coast) but I can find what I need there.

      Paul in NE Ohio
      Paul in NE Ohio


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        "Wrench corners" is what you got,it can be speced for screw machine work,like fittings.

        By pruist terms,it is hex stock,but then again it is also probably overstocked or surplused material.

        Was it an Ebay purchase or a direct order?Do they have a spec sheet listed for the item and does it have an asterick mark next to the hex that states the condition?Can you deny payment from the card company?

        I just need one more tool,just one!