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Robot vision comes to my house, 3dScanner! need Help find a ?

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  • Robot vision comes to my house, 3dScanner! need Help find a ?

    About 2am last night I hit on the code for the logitech web camera. I have my software looking for specific color ranges on the screen picture from the camera. I have already got a subroutine to read the screen pixels and locate certain ranges of colors. Put it on a mechanical bull to chase red?

    This sets up finalization logic for several projects. You can shine a laser led pointer on a object then camera-search out the pixel colors of the laser and triangulate the position. Yeah I know the military has been doing this for years with thier bombs!

    I need, a laser rotating head or something that will throw a flat beam.line across the object to 3d input into a 3d file. Knowing the distance between the optics and the laser is one side of the triangle, knowing the angles both are shooting toward the object to scan is the known other. Distance can be calculated by deflection of the beam in the camera's vision.

    Anyone know of a beam splitter or rotating laser cheap? the finer the laser, the finer the resolution.

    I also found out bobcad works better with directX9 loaded. It has not crashed since. It has still not produced anything, but not crashed. Also, Deskproto: it can use a variety of tools instead of just supporting a ball mill like bobcad does. 60 day free trial, It never crashed. Looks to be a true machinists program. It does not draw, only takes solid models and creates a toolpath. Works much better than bobcad.

    If you can help me find a decent laser-flat-line optics.. tripod?? I'd appreciate it. ibewgypsie (at) hotmail . com

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    What about a Foucault mirror from a dead laser printer? The hexagonal mirror, beam splitter, etc are all there for the taking.
    Rgds, Lin


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      BTW, I mean use the optics only. The laser is infrared. You could just use a laser pointer visible type thru the line generating/scanning stuff from the printer


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        Thanks.. I'll do a search.
        Never heard of "that" kinda of mirror...
        (do you kiss your momma with that mouth?)

        Ha ha.. strange name. I'll do a search. I was hoping for something a little more industrial than something I build thou. Make it bulletproof. I have had some bad experiences with wire-wrap and robotics. (anything that moves)

        I never have taken apart a laser printer. I have thou stomped a bubblejet printer into a small squashed pile. I won't go into it.


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          BTW, don't touch the optics with bare hands/fingers. They are optical grade surface-silvered.


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            How about a surplus supermarket scanner? Or this scanner module: (if link is broken, search for "scanner" at ) Den



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              NEATO:, Exactly what I was looking for....

              Thanks... I'll order one or two here in a bit.

              (by the way) I have a 3d engine up and running, using my playstation2 hand held two-analog-joystick, point of view buttons work enabling you to rotate a 3d model, and I have 11 other buttons to configure in my program. I started using it to control my smelter robot, am really tickled, it cost $22 (sony ones are the best) and usb adapter cost $11 off ebay.

              In the software engine you can rotate, zoom, reduce size in directX-3D world.. I am playing with the lights and texture skinning using jpgs.

              Believe it or not, all these are going into the same projects.. Scanning, robotic positioning, vision, laser triangulation sighting.
              I am fixing to order two more cameras, I think simultanous dual angular measurements with averaging measurements will be more accurrate. I am having some trouble getting more than 480x640 out of the camera thou. Of course if you are three inches away that is pretty good resolution.

              I have blue-screened the computer over twenty times in the past two days.. Time to back up all the midnight work. I have two removeable hard drives too. Hackers have gotten through my dsl-router twice now. Hard for them to realize what they want is not on the internet machine.
              Some people spend so much time being crooked they don't have time to be creative.


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                They got thru your router? Who makes it? I hope not Linksys. I like those PS2 controllers as well, they are a good layout and strongly built unlike the crap they sell for PC's. I should get one of those usb adapters for it.


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                  Efficient networks, Speedstream. Dlink broadband router. I have it "blocked" and locked but keep finding doors opened up. I joined a visual basic group on yahoo and have had problems since.
                  They are not malicious, just nosy.