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Removal of Chips on CNC

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  • Removal of Chips on CNC

    Not having ever seen a CNC machine up close, I'm wondering how these machines which are used for none stop production work managed to remove all the chips? Is there a built-in vacuum that removes the chips on the fly or is there an automatic sweeping mechanism?


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    The ones I operate have chip conveyors beneath them onto which the chips are swept and then raised to be dropped into large self dumping hoppers.

    Paul G.
    Paul G.


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      My turning centers have conveyors in the bottom and my machining centers have shovels (the conventional style). Many of the true production machines have elborate wash down systems to get the chips to the conveyors. Mazak in KY has an auotomated manufacturing system that is completely amazing. The base casting of a machine is not even touched by a human untill it is time to remove the chips at that time a man climbs on to the table of the boring mill and sweeps, blows and shovels them out.


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        C. Tate:
        Would that be a Mini-Me that does the shoveling?. Most of the chip conveyors are...augers. Considering what they auger out they don't work too bad at all. I am still waiting to see a machine that does not soak the operator when drilling big holes with high pressure through the spindle coolant - least they could do is install a beach umbrella. No babe, that ain't Brylcream - it's coolant.


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          Chips can be troublesome at times. Ideally, I would love to walk away from my CNC and come back when the part is done. However, there are many times where I need to reach in and blow/brush away chips. For example, pockets slots and holes need to be cleaned out periodically, sometimes I need to blow out holes just prior to tapping them to prevent breaking a tap if excessive chips get in the hole. I also blow away chips on the finishing pass. I get smoother finishes when I'm not recutting a pile of chips from a previous operations.

          On my machines, I roll out the chip pans, and shovel them into a scrap conveyors .