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  • Marathon motor

    Anyone have an opinion on Marathon electric motors as sold by Enco? Is this a house brand or do others sell Marathon? I've never been dissatisfied with Dayton motors, but in this instance, a Dayton would be 40% higher in cost.

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    Older Marathon motors, in my experience, are very good, well made motors. Delta, back in the good old days, used Marathon motors for their stationary power tools.

    As far as the comparison to Dayton, I've found Dayton to be just OK, nothing special in the lighter duty consumer type motors. If they're more than the Marathon's that makes me think the Marathon's from Enco are not equivalent to the old Marathon's.


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      I've heard rumors that the low cost marathon motors are now made in china, may want to check that out. Their motors made in USA are of good quality, much better than Baldor IMHO.



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        Marathon are normally considered suitable for industrial applications. I'm not sure where they are made. Dayton motors are popular for replacement use in HVAC equipment, home shop equipment use, and farm applications. Don't normally see them in serious industrial applications.

        take care


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          My only bad experience with a "Made in St Louis" Marathon came after my air compressor was about a year old. Motor started making funny noises. Bearings were shot.

          The only marking on the bearings was CHINA, not even a standard bearing model number. Perhaps some of the motor is USA made or assembled, but the bearings were the cheapest available.

          Barry Milton
          Barry Milton


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            I mentioned in an earlier post, that I have a 2hp compressor motor that I bought from HF about 5 years ago. 15 amp, 100v made in China. 69.95US It has been running my compressor for the last 5 years with absolutely no trouble. Guess I'm just lucky. HF still has them for 69.95, and the 3hp (now rated as 2hp) is on sale for the same price.