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    I am looking for some information. I need to buy 4" dia. schedule 40 steel pipe. Basically it brings water and air up the mountain so we can make snow in the winter. I need 2000' to 4000'. I am pricing out some projects and the final locations have not yet been determined.

    I am located near Ottawa Canada. Anywhere in Canada or the US would be prefered. I am just looking for contacts, i can do the leg work.

    Thanks in advance

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    Either ask your nearest fabrication shop where they buy theirs or look at the small tags attached to the fresh steel that's just arrived in their inventory.

    If you don't already have the documents needed for a business (license, tax ID number, etc.) get those before contacting the steel supplier.

    Pricing for a business buying the quantity you need is half of retail with free delivery.

    Barry Milton
    Barry Milton


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      Is there any oil production in your area?

      If there is, you may be able to buy 'scrap' 3 1/2" production tubing. It'll come in 30 foot lengths with screw couplings, and you can construct your pipeline with a couple of large chain tongs. Might be a cheaper & quicker option.

      Just a thought,

      All of the gear, no idea...


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        You're looking at 20-40,000 lbs. Talk to a plumbing supply wholesaler, you're buying enough that you should be able to get a decent price. For your application you will probably need tested pipe.


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          You have a pressure problem. To raise water 4000 ft you are going to need about 2000 psi to get the water up there unless you pump in stages of around 200-300 feet. Perhaps you are not going that high but you will need 1/2 psi per foot to overcome the head.

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            Hey guys,

            I will be buying the pipe through my work. It is not for ME but rather my place of employment. The kind of quatity i want to buy is bigger then the average machine shop and they don't stock too much of what i need.

            that is a good idea. Unfortunately i live above Syracuse N.Y. NOt much oil production here. The last batch i bought was from natural gas line instalations. All i had to do was peel back the plastic coating on the ends before welding.

            I live in the capital are of Canada. We don't have much industry here. The best i could get last year, from the local guys was still $2.50-$3.00/ft more expensive then what i got from my snowmaking supplier. The local guys wanted $8.00/ft and i got it from my snowmaking supplier for $6.00/ft and i think i could have gotten it cheaper still. Just something in his voice.

            No i am not pumping it up 4000 vertical feet. I am only going 700 vertical feet. I still have to pump the water from the lake to the mountain. I also have several lines that i run at different times. I have a total of 19 ski runs. 11 of them have snowmaking (pipe) on them. I would like to expand that number to 13 or 15, while replacing some of my air line. The air line only has 120 psi in it but i put through 1500 cfm. The water line runs about 450psi at the pump. 120psi at the top of the mountain.



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              4" sch 40 weighs approx 10 lbs / foot.

              I pay 95 cents per lb, but that is less than 400 lb quantity.

              for the amount you are buying, you should get a good price, I would estimate that it should get down to at least .70 / lb, still you are looking at 10 - 20 tons, thus 15 to 30 grand for the whole shot.



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                Find a Thomas Register and deal directly with the mill. I would think there is a mill in Sue St Marie, or at least Detroit.


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                  What is a thomas register?


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                    Thomas register = listing of all the manufacturers and companies in America, not sure if the world is in there too.

                    I used to use it to find instrument manufacturers to get data on instruments I had to calibrate and commission. (engineers steal the paperwork)



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                      North Central Arkansas


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                        Algoma Steel is the mill is Sault Ste. Marie Canada.

                        Buy from them, support our economy!


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                          There is an API threading mill at Port Colburn. Last pricing on 9.5#/ft 4 1/2 OD pipe in 30' - 45'lenths FOB Edmonton, Alberta was $23.95 cdn/m. Threads are 8 rnd 60 degree. If plain ends are desired, there may be a possibilty of a discount. Some quick specs - 4.090" nominal I.D., 3.965" drift I.D. internal yeild press 4380 psi. If this is a temp line hammer unions are avaiable that will handle the pressures. Clamp style irrigation unions may work too.



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                            I am not looking for threaded ends. What i do is weld several sections together to make several 60 foot sections. Then i weld on ends machined to accept Victaulic couplings. These are then bolted together on the mountain.

                            This way, when and if a pipe gets frozen i can go down the mountain and connect at another section. It also speeds up the assembly on the mountain. Alot easier on the legs too as you can be standing on 45آ° slope.