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  • Telescopic pole

    I want to build a telescopic pole that can hold about 50 pounds, and can be raised about 6 feet. It is for a bird feeder. any ideas or good web sites?

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    I wonder how cheaply you can get a two-section slip up mast for tv antennas nowadays? I know that's a stronger pole than say, a flagpole. They're typically 20 ft long, extended, and if you don't extend it all the way, it's quite strong.
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      Have seen a telescoping cloths line raised using water supply pressure.



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        Home Depot sells a bunch of telescoping poles in the paint department for rolling ceilings, etc.. They come in fiberglass or alum..



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          Seems like it would be pretty easy to build a "hydraulic cylinder" out of PVC pipe that would do this. McMaster Carr sells piston cups that will fit the inside of the pipe.

          I built a water-powered hydraulic wheel chair lift for a friend's beach house years ago using a 4" PVC pipe as the cylinder. It would operate slowly at 25psi during periods of peak water use, and nicely at the usual pressure of 60psi. The water dumped from the cylinder went to a sprinkler in the yard.

          The lift was the hit of the neighborhood, and his wife continued to use it as a dumbwaiter for several years after he died. It was destroyed by Hugo in 1989.

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            Look at the portable work light stands that are sold at Lowes and Home depot. They have a tripod base and a telesping pole to support the lights. They are strong and don't cost much including the light.



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              Could always do the Black iron pipe with a couple of reducers. Put it in solid. Just wouldn't want to read any "Man injured while cutting the grass" headlines in the paper. A 50 lb bird feeder might require a building permit !! We talking lights, running water?
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                I have used 1" X 1" 16 ga square tubing with extra heavy 1/2 black pipe inside. Thread one end of the pipe and put on a threaded flange. Mount your feeder or bird house on the flange. Drill a hole through the square tubing and pipe and insert a bolt at the adjusted height. I take two pieces of square tubing and make a stand for the other square tubing to fit in with two bolts through all three peices of square tubing. Mount the two pieces of square tubing into about two feet of concrete. This allows me to lean over the lowered unit for its yearly cleaning and paint job.
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                  For a really cheap solution, get a piece of 1/2" and a piece of 3/4" EMT conduit, and a hose clamp. Slide the 1/2" inside the 3/4", and put the hose clamp around the 1/2" to hold it at the height you want.

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                    I'll second SGW. I did exactly that this winter to keep the deer out of the feeder. I used a fitting that joins two sections as my stop instead of hose clamp. A tee juction box at the top and two short sections and I hang two feeders. Make sure the pole in the ground is firmly planted. I just pounded it into the dirt and when it got wet, the ground started to give and made it the leaning feeder of WI.

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                      Simple take some aluminum drill it to a slip fit for the top pole. bore it for a press fit on the lower. Then taper the top and thread the bottom. Slit the top taper in fourths. Make a tapered wedge nut and your almost done. When tightened the two tapers will pinch the telescopic tube.

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                      Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                        Or use square tubing at a fixed height and make the feeder so it lowers to ground. Some cable, a cheap hand winch and a pulley.
                        Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.