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    Has anyone tried successfully to build their own router-lift for a router table. I am just getting started in machining, and I thought this would be a useful project to try. I am fairly (almost certain) this project is out of my league, but hey it never hurts to play up.

    I am looking for suggestions as to how best to design this item. I would be very interested in particular concerns for example: what is the best way to align two metal rods to insure they are parallel on a bracket. I am thinking one would be a threaded rod and the other a solid rod and both would be attatched to a base and that to the router. The threaded rod would either be turned to raise the router or something like that.

    Any ideas or suggestions as well as tips to insure accurate machining and building would be appreciated.

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    on most of the router tables i see the router is a plunge router, so it has the guide rods built in. the lift mechanism can be as simple as using your hand to push the router up and use the router plunge lock to lock it in place. or some guys mount a screw lift under the router and lift it like that.

    two things to remember with the screw lift. first, make sure the plunge lock is released before lifting. second, make sure you don't lift the router right up into the table. a part of the router will usually break before the screw lift does.

    andy b.
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      Have also been thinking of making one myself. Commercial units are rediculously expensive. It should not be a difficult project for a beginner. One can use a plunge router and make a shaft that inserts from the top of the router table to crank on the router screw, I have an idea for that if I can get it fleshed out I'll post it, may be awhile though, got to put a clutch in my tractor first.

      Paul G.
      Paul G.