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  • What is this? Machine part

    I got this thing with my Van Norman mill. I thought that it fit on the mill somewhere. But I have yet to make it fit without welding

    It will not fit the dovetails on any axis or on the ram. It will not fit any of the other tooling that came with the mill. The handle turns the spindle at 1:1. The spindle has a very slight taper in it. The numbers 2167 are stamped in the botom with 111 lightly stamped after. And the thing is cast on an angle.

    This here thing #1

    This here thing #2

    This here thing #3

    WTF, over?

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    The base where it mounts looks like it came off an old O.D. grinder or tool cutter grinder. Maybe an old spin attachment.


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      It's a center grinding fixture possibly from a Landis cylindrical grinder. It mounted on the grinder's platen at any time there was need without disturbing the grinder's set up. The dead center was plugged into the taper and the operator hand cranked the center rotation as wheel was fed back and forth restoring the 60 degree cone to the center.

      This was a handy gadget in the days of carbon steel centers. Most cylindrical grinders are now furnished with HSS or carbide dead centers.


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        Yup, Forrest is dead on. The key was to look at the picture of the bottom side. We used to do a lot of them with a different type of head that was motorized. Both plain steel and carbide tipped
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          Thanks gents. There were a few centers with the mill. I guess that I will mothball it till I need it for a project. rock-
          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.