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  • DRO question

    I've been eyeballing the "glass scale" 3 axis dro advertised in HSM for around 750-800 dollar range.Grizzly also sells something similar.Anybody have experience with these? Any advantage over the Shooting Star kit?

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    Use the SEARCH feature on the BBS and enter Shumatech. You can also go to their home page and read more:

    If you don't feel like you can make your own, then check this out too.



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      You may want to take a look at what has to offer as well (usual disclaimers). Their prices on some packagages (or custom packages) is pretty good, and you'd be getting a name brand.

      As far as Shumatech vs. Shooting Star: I'd tend to go with the glass scales, assuming they are of decent quality. But that's just my personal choice. Actually, my personal choice would be a name brand DRO, even if it costs a couple hundred bucks more, just so I'd know I could absolutely rely on its precision. Your mileage may vary.....

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