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Fritz Ready to Run .But More Questions

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  • Mark McGrath
    Mark,6 amps is a bit on the light side for a motor pulling 3+ amps full load.I normally go on the basis of start up surge of FLA x4 for three phase and x11 for single phase motors.That`s a two speed motor you have there and the starter connections can be a pain to sort out if someone`s been messing with them.I would use 15 amp fuse wire to bridge the fuses with.It`s sometimes easier to solder the fuse wire on than rely on it making contact just by wrapping itregards,Mark.

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  • aboard_epsilon
    started a topic Fritz Ready to Run .But More Questions

    Fritz Ready to Run .But More Questions

    Can anyone tell what fuse wire to use to short out the bottle fuses in this machine.
    This is so I can just test the motor out this weekend.
    the original bottle fuses are blown and are shorted out with fuse wire.
    but I dont know if its the right sort.
    The new fuse wire will be in there just for testing .once its prooved itself proper bottle fuses will be sought ......ampage I dont know ..but the ones that were installed were rated at 6 amp .......these have to run a suds pump and the lighting transformer plus main spoindle motor....the pump i dont have yet.
    picture of motor plate below.

    Incase you were wondering this is the motor built up.
    I've already scraped and sanded the paint on the motor ready for the final painting.

    all the best.mark