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Parts for Victor Regulators?

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  • Parts for Victor Regulators?

    Are individual parts available for Victor regulators? I need a T-handle adjuster and the seal that goes around it.

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    Have you tried calling Victor yet?



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      Hey Ken,you know what size thread you need? I got plenty of dead ducks laying around,a Tee-handle is yours for the shipping.

      What seal???? There isn't supposed to be one around the tee-handle threads.Or do you mean the case seal where the two halves of the body come together?If that's it I may have one of those too,let me know.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Thanks "D". I think these are the 250 series. I'll have to check the model for sure and the size tommorow. The "seal" is just a teflon(?) ring that snaps in at the top of the adjusting cone. The T-handle threads through it before catching the regulator threads.

        Yes, I tried Victor. They'll repair it for about what a new set cost. These came with a bunch of torches & tanks I got at an auction. They look pretty new. I haven't had a chance to drop by a supply shop.


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          This is the place I purchased the same parts you need. My regulators are about fourty years old:

          809 Frank Street, West Frankfort, IL 62896
          (618) 937-2388

          Barry Milton
          Barry Milton


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            None of my business, just would not wanna see anyone get hurt. It's always been my thought nobody but a licensed technician should work on high pressure gas regulators. You prolly are not working on the "critical" section but just incase some one thinks they could. JRouche
            My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group