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  • Rust prevention

    I am looking for a reasonably priced product to protect steel machine tools from rust. It can be dipped, painted or sprayed and must be easy to remove.

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    LPS3 spray-on rust preventative. You can wipe off the excess when you first apply it leaving a slight film. A rag damp with mineral spirits will remove the rest when you need the item. Use thick film in a condensing or sorrosive environment, for long periods of neglect, or for weather exposure.

    Here's a corrilary of the old joke:

    1 Effective

    2 Easy to apply

    3 Easy to remove

    Pick any two.


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      WOW, what is in the air this week? this is about the fourth time i've seen a similar topic in a few days (not on this board though).

      take some 0000 steel wool or fine ScotchBrite pads and any time you see a small bit of surface rust, go over it with the steel wool or SB just to clean the rust off. then oil it. you will basically be rust blueing the surface. there are 300-year-old firearms with this finish.

      on highly precision machined surfaces they should always have a coat of oil on them so they don't rust.

      andy b.

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        I use Nu-finish car wax,just clean the rust off,degrease the surface and keep rubbing in wax until it won't take anymore.I have had leaks that left water beaded up on the table tops of my table and bandsaw and no sign of rust anywhere.Plus it leaves the surface nice and slick.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          And chips don't cling to it, either.
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