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  • Hardinge Clone

    Hi Guy's Are any of you owners or have used one of the Hardinge Style Clone Lathes as advertised by Sharp, Grizzly etc.????

    What are your comments& opinions re these machines Good or Bad& are they worth the $16,000.00. price tag????

    TIA. Best Regards Jack.

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    Frank Ford, who posts here occasionally, has the Sharp version. You can see his webpage about it at

    I don't know anything about it, I've just browsed through Mr. Ford's pages a fair bit.


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      Reports I get are favorable on the Sharp HLV-H copy. But rather than spend $16,000 for a new copy, I'd be more inclined to buy a mid to late 1990's Hardinge in pristine shape for the same price.

      The Hardinge won't necessarily be any "better" accuracy and function wise but is more likely to retain accuracy longer and will not depreciate in value as much, for future resale purposes.