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  • Maximat7

    I use (and misuse) an old very beat-up Emco Maximat7. Does anyone know of a group for this machine? I know there's one for the 8 and the 10.

    This is an old baby, but it's all I have. Bought it when I retired, with a 3 jaw and a 4 jaw, set of collets and lots of stripped plastic gears in the milling head for $65, have maybe another 100 in it now.


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    In the books that i have on the EMCO lathe and mill it covers the 7 and 10 in the same book. I know this doesn't answer you question on group but I would think that either of the groups would be a good resource. Do you have a specific question that you need answered about the lathe? I have a V10 with a milling attachment and lots of accessories.



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      The Maximat 7 is a fine machine with hardened ways and accurate spindle. The Yahoo "8x18" group has Compact 8 and similar sized machines although you're better off sticking with the Maximat Super 11 group. The 7 has much in common (though not direct parts swaps) with the other gearheads, the Maximat 8.4, 8.6, 10 and 11.

      To repeat Joe, any specific questions or needs? Den