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  • OT: DVD Burning

    Ok I got a new computer and I cant for the life of me figure out how to burn a dvd, burning the cd's is pretty straight forward but it does not give me the option for a dvd. The computer has windows xp media edition installed on it, is there a program I should be looking for, or do I need to buy one. It seems silly that it would have a dvd + burner on it and no software to use it. The instructions that did come with the computer were not very helpful either . Thanks

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    I had all sorts of problems .
    could not burn any dvd with any prog
    until i installed nero 6 ultra edition iso
    now it's easy

    all the best...mark

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      You need software that include a DVD codec. It doesn't come with windows.

      Try here:
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        Thanks guys I will try that Evan, and that Nero software looks promising too.


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          I think I'm right that all this dicking around with other software was dreamed up by the lawyers. Said it was un-competitive or something like that for the windows program to work on it's own. Made them criple it. So now you have to install another program to make the original work.

          I wonder how many millions of people around the world have had to go through the same thing as mochinist with thier new computer because of that dumb idea.



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            Microsoft isn't allowed to include all the necessary software to make your computer work the way you want to. They would love to do that but it would be deemed unfair restraint of trade as it would put everyone else out of business. That is what the entire Justice Department action was all about re Netscape vs Internet Exploder.

            Microsoft has a defacto monopoly in the consumer market. The US gov tried hard to declare them a monopoly so they (Microsoft) would fall under the same regulations as other "monopolies of necessity" like the utilities but the gov were not quite succesful. It would have allowed them (the gov) to regulate the selling price of Microsoft's products as well as restricting them in other ways.

            It's really hard to take real action against an entity that has enough cash to build their own fleet of space shuttles (armed?).

            The gov realized that they are dependent on a single supplier in order to carry out business. They don't like that.
            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              Stick with this Nero fellow.
              He fiddled while Rom burned!

              I am on the new Nero which is better than the last.