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    Well I had the oppurtunity to go to the grizzly tent sale and scored an 11x26 model 9972z lathe. Unfortunately the mannual and parts list did not come with the lathe and it is not posted on the grizzly web site. I was hoping maybe somebody that has one of these could help me out with a copy of the mannual. I am quite sure if I order it from grizzly they will charge me for the copy. The lathe has 2 damaged gears and i have already ordered them however it would be nice to have the breakdown when I replace them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And to all the DADS Happy Fathers Day

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    If you want to email me your address I could photo copy mine and send it snail mail to you.


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      Hey, another "Z" enthusiast!

      claw's got you covered I see and perhaps be thankful you didn't get one with the machine as the paper absorbs the odor of the cosmoline.
      The old woman wouldn't let me read it in the house!

      I'm still debating various moving methods for the trip from garage to cellar..tractor with a loader bucket is sounding good and I suppose I could spread some top soil too if I have to.

      Which gears broke on yours?



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        I contacted grizzly today and bitched up a storm that the mannual is not listed on the website and why should i pay 12.50 plus shipping and handling they agreed to send it to me however it is on backorder for 3-4 weeks.

        The small 25 tooth gear is broken and the plastic gear that drives the 25t gear from the spindle. Gears are also on order for $16.

        The lathe was purchased at the tent sale in muncy for $775. I figured for the $500 savings I will take the chance.

        I just unloaded out of the back of the van now to get high enough to sit on the stand I purchased seperately. Well sounds like a project as soon as I clear up the honey do list Augh!!!!!

        Claw I will send an email with my address thanksfor the help hope i can return the favor one day