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sheldon wm-56-p lathe questions

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  • sheldon wm-56-p lathe questions

    you guys are fantastic. ive been using this site for a while now, what an education.
    i just picked up a sheldon wm-56-p lathe with no chuck. im pretty sure with the 3 peg holes in the spindle that it is a D1-4 situation. im basically looking for some reassurance that i need to order a D1-4 camlock chuck. also, is there any reason not to go for a 8" chuck rather than a standard 6" for a 12"x 36" lathe? seems like bigger capacity would be better, but i dont want to over extend the machines intended tolerances.
    and finally, any links to manuals or parts lists would be appreciated, i swear i just saw them here the other night and now i cant find them.
    thanks for tolerating the ignorant, i swear ive got an excellent character.


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    The D1-4" is 4-5/8" diameter at the base of the tapered section and has 0.6562 diameter pins, holes are slighly larger.

    The WM 56 is a 13" lathe and will handle a 8" chuck. I have both an 8" and 6" for mine and use the 6" almost exclusively. No harm using the larger chuck, but the smaller chuck is more convenient for the size range I usually work with.

    e-mail me your address, and I will send a copy of combined parts list and manual.
    Jim H.


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      I have an 8" chuck on a 9" Southbend. It was NOS Atlass chuck I bought 26 years ago when I got the lathe. The guy I bought it from said it would work better than a 6" on my lathe. at the time I thought it was way to big and that was just sales talk (the only chuck he had). However he was right, it has worked out great and have chucked things in it over the years that would never had fit in a 6". Never found any draw backs what so ever.
      Gary P. Hansen
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        thanks to you both. im sold on the 8" gonna order one tomorow. anybody out there know where to find a replacement speed indicator for the sheldon wm - 56 - p ? mine is smashed and it seems like a pretty nice detail.