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In Australia - Need a gear cut - Can you help?

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    On reflection, Martin Cleeve writing in Model Engineer in the 50's described how he added stuff to his Myford ML2-4.
    Just at the end of his life, he wrote " Screwcutting in the Lathe"in thw Workshop Practice series. " Your apron is shown on page 17.

    Again, In those earlier articles he did up an apron amongst other rthings like a skew tail stock, steadies,headstock bushes and so on.

    There is a MyMyford group but also an index in Iamnota home page.
    Worth a look
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    This is duplication which will not "delete"

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      Sorry folks,
      Guilty of repetition.
      Bloody machine will not "delete"

      Maybe the Iamnota link will give our friend some help.



      If the damned thing will not budge- may I be positive?
      Model Engineer Vol 113 No 2848 page 943 gives details of some of ML4 improvements.
      Going backwards in the same volume he builds a quick change gear box to do- gear cutting
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        Nev, There is a fellow in Melb who does water cutting of steel etc. From what I have seen of his work he should be able to cut the gear without too much trouble. It certainly would be a lot cheaper than having the gear cut by one of the engineering firms that cut gears. Pls contact me for more info.
        [email protected]
        John Buckley


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          Originally posted by NiftyNev
          Finally found a source for the gear. I purchased a piece of gear stock from - - today here in Australia. Heard about them a while ago and only just got around to paying them a visit. They have a lot of cool stuff.

          They're a good mob to deal with Nifty, as you've probably found out by now. Also have a forum, pretty quiet, at

          & g'day John B - din't know you hung out here
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