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    My daughter's family gave me a new fishing rod and reel for Father's Day. Then Monday me and the Grandson went fishing. I put the new rod in the boat along with others I keep stored there, planning to try it out.

    Well, I was never aware of stepping on it, but after fishing awhile I looked and sure enough, it was broken in two pieces.

    It's a clean break, and if I can get some suitable material I'm sure I can turn a tapered plug about 3" long to fit into the two hollow ends and fix it.

    I don't want to use metal, since that would result in a zone with no flex. ...ideally I'd want the final result to end up with the same stiffness as that region was originaly. I've thought of nylon, but need something that some kind of glue will adhere to.

    Anyone have ideas or suggestions for a readily available source of material for an application such as this.?

    (The finished diameter will be somewhat less than .375)
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    No sweat. Use another smaller graphite rod insert. Maybe double up the insert with one inside the other to get back the same strength. Get it from the same place I got the graphite spars for my telescope.
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      Well whaddaya know! Ask and ye shall receive.

      Looks like just what I need.

      Thanx Evan.
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        You can get replacement tips from most rod makers. It's a pretty common problem. Some of the more expensive rods even come with two tips. Don't tell them it broke while fighting the fish of your life cause you'll make them feel bad
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