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looking for plans for a milling machine vise

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  • looking for plans for a milling machine vise

    A neighbor mentioned they wanted to build a vise for their mill and wanted to know if I had any plans. I could come up with some sketches, but first I thought I would put an inquirey out seeing if anyone knew of any freebie plans he could work from. It's a beginner project for him, we have some scrap metal laying around, I know it's pretty easy, I just don't have the time to sit down and generate some sketches right now.

    Ideas? Links?

    Thanks, Axel

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    One of my favorite sites for ideas and drawings of tools to make for my shop is:
    His #29 subject is a vise.

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      lugnut, that's a really nice website. Thanks for sharing. I got hundreds of pic's off of google image searches and have never run across any of these. Don't know how that's possible unless he specified it in his title pages! Guy does some really nice work.

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