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Knuth Tools, anyone ever dealt with them?

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  • Knuth Tools, anyone ever dealt with them?

    I know I saw this before, but I got a Knuth catalog, and was slightly interested. Anyone ever dealt with them?

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    I stopped by thier booth at Eastec. They have the machines made just about everywhere. China, Tiawan, Turkey, Lithuania from what I remember the salesman telling me.


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      I have been kicking around one of their smaller lathes in the back of my mind. Their US operation is close enough and I can just drive down and pick it up. Some of their stuff IMO is way over priced but they also carry some stuff that others in the US don't have. Deckel knock-offs for an example. Are they as good as a Deckel? Probably, no make that certainly not but then just how many of us are ever gonna get the chance to find one of those. What has attracted me to the smaller lathe I was looking at was its modification potential in terms of making some of its operation the same as a Hardinge. In terms of threading and the like. Plus I'd likely hang a Servo type mill feed unit on the hand wheel for power feeds.

      And on another note too bad Grizzly and others don't have some satilite show rooms in some of the major metro areas where one can look at the equipment. Not all of us live with in a reasonable driving distance to their operations. If you drive 8 hours to go look you know that for sure you are going to layout the cash after that distance. Of course Grizzly used to have a program were they would put you in touch with a customer if you needed to look at something. Anybody know if they still do.
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