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Flattening SS wire ??

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  • Flattening SS wire ??

    I checked the price of .25 square 304, but at $17 per 8 foot section it will be too expensive for 16 to 20 pieces.

    The price of .187 round 304 is less than $5 per 8 foot section. How hard would it be run the round between two steel rollers and flatten it out to a .25 width? How much of a flat will be created?

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    $2.12 a foot is too much for the right metal?

    I dont see how you can build a rolling mill or wire drawing set up and save a penny.

    shear .025 off 23 or 24 gauge stanless would make a rough of what you want. much closer than 3/16" round.

    myself I would just pay the price and get the right stuff.


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      The part is not critical and $350 is beyond the limits of the project. Trying to find a cheaper route.

      Thanks for the idea on shearing some from a flat sheet. I have to check with a friend that has a fab shop and see what he has laying around his shop.

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        If you roll the stainless steel cold you will work harden it and will have to annel it to do further work with it if you take much of a reduction. The edges won't be flat after rolling but will have a rounded edge. What size are you trying end up with 1/4 x 1/4? Think the cheapest thing to do is buy what you need unless you want something thin that can be sheared.



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          Shearing 1/4" SS will take an effing big shear. It will curl up like a pretzel too. Rolling or drawing it will be nearly impossible unless annealed each pass as mentioned. Change the design.
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            As we used say in LA "If it don't go CHROME it!"


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              Well, you could saw it off a sheet and then mill it to size...

              Boy, that $17 is looking good to me.

              And get your estimator a sharper pencil.

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              Paul A.

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