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How much is this milling machine worth?

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  • How much is this milling machine worth?

    I saw this on eBay and was wondering if anyone knows about this particular milling machine and approx how much it is worth.


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    This dealer has those Senior mills from time to time..poke around on his site and you may find a similar one, with pricing. Of course an eBay price is going to be typically much lower than a dealer price, so take that into consideration.


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      The Tom Senior milling machine is a good British machine;

      It is difficult to determine the completeness of the machine in the ad, the overarm support is missing. Value is determined at the end of the auction.

      If you are close enough to inspect it before bidding, it would be a good idea. A comparable Rockwell or Clausing mill is worth $1000-$2000 over here, I would suspect a good Tom Sr. to be in the same range.
      Jim H.


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        G and M Tools have some good stuff but are not renowned for bargain prices.A good site to watch or to place a free advert is
        This site is run by John S. and Charles Ping with the intention of filling the gap left by Chris Heapy.And a very good job they are doing as well.


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          hi,,ive have one of these mills for a few years, they are a superb mill especially if you have the horizontal stuff to go with it, overarm ect,,only one thing with this particular machine is if you want to double up and use it as a drill press,forget it, theres not a lot of daylight between the vertical head and the milling table, you need to buy/fab a spacer under the main column to give more height, these spacers are available but like rocking horse sh*t to get hold of,im going to have to fab one up, im thinking of using something very heavy guage like 1/2"to 3/4" plate steel,if anyone has ever been down this alley i would be gratefull for any advice, if you have single phase supply electrics only its a doddle to change the motors on these machines, if you speek to alan waterfall he is a genius at these machines, he has re-built one of these and hes fitted a different head unit, price wise i would expect to pay around the آ£600 to آ£700 mark for this machine, the vertical head unit is worth آ£500 alone,(in the uk)all in all a good machine, well worth an inspection


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            look at this one presently on ebay uk



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              My only thought on this mill is that 2 MT is quite small for 1.5Hp, check the spindle/s for internal damage. From picture large vise / small machine probably been pushed a bit. I saw quite reasonable one in a Melbourne machine dealer place about 1 year ago, if memory correct, asking $1250. I'm rebuilding a Hercus 0 mill, it is MT 3 with drive dogs and only 3/4 Hp. All the best.


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                Thanks for the replies everyone.I might give this one a miss.

                Allan in Oz

                You have a point with the 2MT and the size of the vice.It could have had a hard life and I can't inspect beforehand.