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  • Making a New Spindle

    Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for making a new spindle for a lathe?In what order do I machine the different parts to get the greatest accuracy?The spindle will be for an Advance lathe and is approx 200mm long,25mm diameter with a 1" 12 tpi thread for back plate and a 2MT.


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    That's quite a project. I would be inclined to do the job between centers, making dern sure the tailstock alignment was correct. If you can wait and do the M2 taper until after the spindle is installed, so you can do it with the spindle is turning in its own bearings, that would probably be the best. Otherwise, do the M2 taper first, put a center in it, and use that to support the spindle as you turn the o.d. etc.

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      Yeah to all what SGW says.

      I'd take this opportunity to add a D1-x spindle nose feature and make new back plate for your chucks and other spindle tooling. Nothing I hate worse than screw-on spindle tooling. You can never safely run it in reverse.

      Next spend the money for a prime piece of heat-treated material to make your spindle from. You'll cuss it because it's will be difficult to machine but it wll wear almost as well as your original spindle.

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