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Mighty big "thank you" to Mark Costello

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  • Mighty big "thank you" to Mark Costello

    Who took the time on Saturday to drive about 45mins to see my in my garage!

    It was hot and humid, but I learned a lot, escpecially about threading, and he fixed a little set up error I had in regards to threading.

    It was something that I could have learned from a book or here at HSM, but seeing it done and the correct set up makes all the difference to me.

    Thank you Mark

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    This is a good time for me to chime in too.

    Thanks to the guy who said I'd like the mig once I got off flux core and onto gas. You were right!

    Thanks to the guy who once said he thought more taps were broken from not going in straight. Since he mentioned that I have stopped breaking taps.

    Thanks to Forrest for reminding me that my SB9 screw spindle could get me in trouble when running in reverse. It makes sense but I never thought of it. I'll only go there with the tailstock brought into play to keep the chuck on!

    Thanks to our friends on the other side of the big pond for their entertainment value And maybe to John for the importance of holding your tongue just right when doing intricate machine operations!

    I've declared my shop finished even though it may never be. The air conditioner is working fine and I'm playing in it, making chips and am constantly reminded of the value of this board. I've come back a dozen times to read the threads on speeds & feeds. I'm constantly amazed that so many truly bright people can hang around with so many of us dumb ones and maintain their patience! I truly appreciate it guys so I know exactly where cuemaker is coming from with his post.

    I can only wonder what the neighborhood would be like with all you guys as neighbors! Instead I live in a area where no one seems to be motivated to do anything! I think they think of me as radical! Gawd I'd like to take a cruise down my drive in Evans mini-grader!

    If any of you out there are ever looking for a dumb answer don't hesitate to drop me a line. I excel at that

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    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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      Everybody who visits me goes away with some besides knowledge. But I am generally the one who is asking the questions.

      The last blacksmith who stopped in got a small bandsaw, the last machinist who came by got a jewelers torch, the last good looking lady who stopped in got lots of good service.



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        I may have to drive an hour or so and see you jeff, but I certianly dont want "service"


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          Jerry, please give that "good looking lady" my address.


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            Aw shucks, your making me blush. I always knew I was a good guy, now to convienence everyone else.
            mark costello-Low speed steel