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OT-Bought new laptop off ebay

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    I'd take the laptop out to the back forty and empty a box of 12 gauge into it and go buy a fishing pole, given my druthers, but then I've completely lost my fascination with computers. After 30 years of working with them they're just not fun anymore. They do pay the bills, tho :-)



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      Ditto DP!

      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">None of the big computer sellers supply a restore CD anymore. That includes HP/Compaq, Dell and IBM.</font>
      Include Sony in the list too.

      Make a Restore CD (Plural in Sony's case) and backup your most wanted files once in a while.


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        For restoring your system, the stock restore disks absolutely suck! Yes, they make everything work again, but you lose all your customized settings and everything you have saved on the machine. You need to spend some money for a good restore solution, but I believe it is worth it. You only have two things to buy, an external USB hard drive and a copy of Acronis True Image. The way this works is simple, you plug in the external hard drive and you make an image of your hard drive with a complete and working Windows installation on it. I would recommend doing this every few weeks, and anytime you make a major change to the system. Now, if you get a virus or have a hard drive fail, it is not a big deal. You simply boot to the emergency restore disk you created, plug in your external hard drive, and restore the previously created image. Your computer is now back to where it was right before the crash :-)

        Also, most of the OEM restore discs that I has seen put too much garbage on your computer and seem to slow it down, as well as using up a lot of valuable hard drive space. I recommend you avoid them at all costs. To be ready to restore any Windows 2000 or XP system, you want to get an appropriate restore disk. For Windows 2000, the one to get is the Windows 2000 corporate version with service pack four already integrated. For Windows XP, the current one is Windows XP corporate with service pack two already integrated. Keep an eye on the news groups, these are being offered all the time. Now, after you restore your system with one of these, you need to get the proper drivers for the motherboard. This will take a little bit of searching around at the manufacturer's web site, and you will have a little more effort overall than just using the factory restore disk, but you will have a much cleaner insulation when you are done. Now, at this point is when you want to make a backup with Acronis. See how easy life can be :-)


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          Good info Ed,