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  • screwdriver ?

    Who makes GOOD screwdrivers anymore? I need a new set but everything locally is not the quality I want or need. I am currently looking at the SK Facom on sale at J&L (12 piece set for $52.95) but if they are not any better than Craftsman or Stanley I don't want them. Any suggestions? If this question has been posed previously please accept my apology. My memory is not what it once was (along with many other body parts).

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    Not my drink of choice though.

    I have had good luck with Snap-On. It is what I have at work. Though not in everyday use, I have only broken the tip off of one screwdriver, (#2 phillips) in four years.

    At home, a mix of Stanley and Craftsman. They are what the are.

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      Cecil, buy a set of Gunsmiths' screwdrivers from Brownells--wooden handles and hollow ground blades.


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        What Al said -- check out Brownell's.

        I have their set that consists of a handle with interchangable tips, and it's great.

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          P B Baumann screwdrivers are supposed to be the best. Everything I've heard about them has been good. I think they are a division of SPI. They are made in Switzerland. The 2003 SPI catalog has them listed on page 675.

          Wiha's are pretty good, too.

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            make your own.

            i found an old wooden handled screw driver
            and was so impressed by the comfort and turning ability i went and got a couple of
            store bought screw drivers and cut the handle off and put oak handleson them

            if i dont have anything to do i make another handle and convert another.

            of course you could forge and temper your own as well.

            picture to follow


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              DON'T buy Forster/Bonanza gunsmithing screwdrivers. I twisted 2 and broke two of them. I contacted them and told them, and they said that's the way they're made so they won't damage the weapon????? I said to them, that being the case, they're only good for screws that are not very tight. I saw them in the Brownells catalog, and I thought it said they won't replace them if they break. Forster did replace the ones I broke, but if you can't get out a tight screw what good are they???



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                Klein, they work well for me,though I have no proof other than my word.Shame on me.


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                  I like Klein, but they're hard to clean if they get greasy. I have a set of Snap-On's that are 30 years old, still going strong. I paid so much money for them I'm afraid to use them as prybars! Guess that's why they're still around. Whichever brand you get, look for a hex on the shank just under the handle for wrenching. Saved my butt many times.


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                    I just buy whatever looks like it's well enough made and try it out. If it's crap, that's that. If the tip hangs in there beyond a few days use, I consider it good. Gray, Craftsman, Stanley, and others- all have made good screwdrivers and bad ones. I bought some german sounding brand once from a liquidation, not knowing if they were any good, and they were excellent. Any robertson head screwdriver that doesn't have the carbide insert isn't worth buying, and the same goes for any screwdriver that doesn't fit well in the screws you'll be using. And probably anything that comes with a warning like 'don't eat', or 'do not for earscratcher use' isn't going to be a quality unit.
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                      My S-K's are not used 24/7, but they have suffered occasional abuse and survived.
                      Thye have the hex on the shaft.


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                        IT might be just me but you can tell a crapy set of screwdrivers from the Philips set that are included in the package. If they do not fit the head properly then they are junk.



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                          Cecil, all the screwdrivers I have are Snap On. Whenever I damage one I hollow grind the tip. Been very happy with them.


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                            I have used SK for 25 years with no problem,
                            I only buy snap-on when I need a specialized
                            tool, Snap-on is too expensive as far as basic hand tools go.
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                              Amen to some of the above. Haunt the garage sales and car-park markets. Find old screwdrivers and learn how to hollow grind em. Having said that, of course, you won't find many quality philips, pozi, etc.
                              anything I make now uses SHCS or Torxx.