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    I seem to be having a problem with either mice or vols getting into the walls of my house/shop. has anyone ever tried one of these or something similar?
    I can't use poison, I'm afraid for my nieghbors cats. And they are'nt all the way into the house...yet, so traps won't work.

    Do these things work through walls? Do they work at all? Any ideas?


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    The only "electronic pest repeller" that I know that works is the 220V ac type and ocassionally the 115V ac


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      Try one of these:
      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        You must be single. Haven't had that trouble since I got married. SWIMBO keeps most other living creatures at bay

        I use mouse poinsen in little bags. They are supposed to be put where cats and dogs don't like to go, like behind tight spaces (yea I know, that leaves out SWIMBO!) like behind things close to the walls as that's how they tool around, close to walls in confined areas. Just make sure you do a search in a few days. Nothing smells worse then decaying rodents!. Bought something like 10 or 12 little bags you rip open, they come in a box for something like $8 or 9 bucks.
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          In the shop, I use live traps baited with sunflower seeds THEN when I trap one the whole trap with mouse goes into a bucket of water for a few minutes. The drown mouse is dumped outside and the next morning its gone and the trap has been rinsed and ready for resetting.
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            One of my cats caught this baby mouse in the house about 2 weeks ago and I took that picture. The mouse is almost twice as big now. We used to catch them a lot in my old house, but this is the first one in our new house.

            I'll let him go next week when we drive down to the Cape.


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              Did you use warm water to drown them?



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                And the ceremony...ceremonies are very important. One must have respect for their feelings.


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                  You got to be kidding.


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                    I dont have a pest problem, spiders, moths,mice,,

                    my kitties see to that.all of them are fixed btw.


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                      On the subject of those ultrasonic repeller dothatchies:

                      Never tried one, but from what I've heard they don't work particularly well.

                      As for poison: what I've done for that is build a shallow box with a couple of mouse-size notches in the sides, then invert it over the poison container and put a brick on top of it, so animials other than mouse-size can't get at it. This idea works for traps, too.
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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tattoomike68:
                        all of them are fixed btw.</font>
                        Looks like you just recently got them fixed You should be able to claim at least 2 dependants on your federal return.



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                          I joketh not, kind Sir, said he waving his wooden leg aloft!

                          In England there is a law about
                          cruelty to dumb animals.

                          You wouldn't use COLD water? Oh! Ted.
                          Think of the agony.



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                            We had a Mole problem when we first moved to our place on the Oregon coast. They would push up large piles of dirt in the middle of the lawn and anywhere else they decided to dig. I bought one of the “mole chasersâ€‌, a torpedo looking device that you push down into the ground. It uses 4 “Dâ€‌ size flashlight batteries to emit a high pitched beep about ever 15 seconds. The batteries will last about 6 months. And it works great!! I picked up a couple more of them at a yard sale this spring and they now protect the back yard, Funny thing when my neighbor ask what they did to the moles. He had a real weird look on his face when I told him they simply drove the moles over to the neighbor’s place

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                              Is poison, electrocution, and having your neck snapped by a wire not to mention your feet permanently glued to a board more humane than a 1 minute swim in cold water? On top of that, I give them a sunflower meal before their swim so perhaps they die of stomach cramps instead.