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Tool grinder into surface grinder

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  • Tool grinder into surface grinder

    Recently found this excellent machine forum sight after reading through it for several days all members seem fairly sane people so I think I am ready to take some abuse.

    Here is my winter project, I recently bought a used Woods tool and cutter grinder. But with the deal I had to take a LaBlond tool and cutter grinder that was supposedly froze up.

    The LaBlond turned out to be froze up from hardened grease from sitting. A little penetrating oil and cleaning she loosened up fine. So now I am toying with the idea of making a surface grinder out it. The biggest obstacle I can see is changing the vertical knee gears/lead screw to decrease the feed . I will probably make the adjustable angle table solid also. Has anyone else tried anything similar that would know of any pit falls.

    there is a fine line
    between "hobby" and
    mental illness
    there is a fine line
    between \"hobby\" and
    mental illness

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    A line, huh? You sure? Should we be on the lookout for this line, and if so, which side are we supposed to hang out on? This is a fuzzy concept that may need further discussion. A line, really?


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      Your just worried about the line I'm not sure of the sane part. I am sure I'm on the wrong side of the line either way.
      I don't know of anyone who has tried this project. I do know of several who have used a tool post grinder on mills as a surface grinder and it works great.

      I hope that is some help, Rick.


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        If that is really what you want to do - go for it. Maybe dumping the Leblond or trading if for a small surface grinder might be a better avenue to persue first. I don't normally suggest bastardizing equipment on the off chance it might work - so I would look for an appropriate surface grinder instead. Less hassles.


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          I have an Enco benchtop T&C grinder and toyed with the idea of using it as a rough surface grinder. My intent was for nice surface finish as opposed to tenths accuracy.

          I was advised (by folks I respect) that this would not be a very good idea and my limited attempts at surfcae grinding with the T&C grinder seemed to confirm that advice. It was able to reduce the depth of tool marks but getting a decent finish still required emery cloth.

          I suspect that T&C grinders have poorer quality bearings than do surface grinders and that may be part of the problem. Perhaps other here can comment on that possibility.

          Mike, near Chicago
          Mike Henry near Chicago


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            Yeah, what Thrud said...

            It seems that there are plenty of people out there who would pay good cash for a nice tool and cutter grinder...especially considering retail price. I would concentrate on figuring out which grinder you want to keep, and doll the other one up for sale or trade...and use that to get a surface grinder.