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    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum.I am an amature at machining but a pretty good fabricator. I manufacture a line of motorcycle performance parts and in the past I have built most parts or subbed out what I couldnt do to get the results I wanted such as anodizing and some machining. I recently purchaced a Rong fu rf31 mill and some general tooling such as a 6" vise, parallels,DRO,Test indicator and so fourth wich should get me started chipping metal in hopes a sub out less.So please bare with me and all of my stupid questions that are most probably old topic around here. Thanks Rick.

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    Rick, welcome to the board and good luck with your machining. Ask your questions and they will be answered.



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      Welcome to the board,

      We all have learned alot from being here, you will learn quickly who to listen to, and who is full of it.


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        Welcome aboard, I will just echo the statements of WJ and IOWOLF.


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          Welcome to the board. If you're interested in machineing you made it to the right board. I haven't seen many questions that weren't given good answers.

          Just curious as to what your experiance level might be. Have you built any flame throwers yet? (Don't answer that! Just a tangent from recent thread that you might have missed!) Again, welcome aboard.
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            Welcome aboard. I'm a newbie myself. This is a real goldmine. Put aside a few hours and read a bunch of the archive threads. Lots of good info and some good laughs too.


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              Welcome aboard!

              Don't listen to Wolf; We're all full of it! Some just more than others.

              There's a diverse group of folks here and that's what I like about this site. The main aim is changing metal to look like something. Whether it's machining, casting, fabricating, shaping or plating there seems to be a lot of knowlegable people that are willing to share their experiences.


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                Uh, some of my experiences should not be shared, then the world will be a far better place.

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                  Howdy Rick, welcome aboard. Good to have another motorcycle maniac here.
                  Smitty.... Ride Hard, Die Fast


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                    Hey Bikenut,your not the same as the bikenut on the ZRXOA board are you? If not what kinda bikes are ya into?