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Ammco Shaper Rebuild

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  • Ammco Shaper Rebuild

    The post by John Rouche re his Logan shaper rebuild reminded me about his articles in the Yahoo Shaper chat group. They inspired me to rebuild the Ammco unit I had purchased. It (the shaper) is about the same age as I am so it seems like a "companion" in the shop.

    Kay Fisher also asked me to do an article on the rebuild and I found, after checking John's article, that he has already posted it

    I am indebted, through this group, for the link to Cecil Walker who very kindly sent a photograph of the logo on the door of his machine. It was payback time for my son and he was able to reproduce it. If any members of this group need a copy, just let me know off-line and I can send it in the mail.

    I have been a fervent reader of the postings listed here and have learnt a great deal from all the tips, machining tricks and comments. Not sure if I could have tackled this rebuild without the confidence gained by all your insights.



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    Geoff, thanks for the kind words, the decals you sent me, and welcome. It was good to hear from you again.